Hrithik in a stylish commercial

Published On: 2012-03-16

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Hrithik Roshan in a stylish commercial


Source: IndiaGlitz 
Date: October 06, 2005

Around a month back, there were talks about ITC's John Players signing on Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador. Hrithik was supposed to endorse the entire range that John Player had to offer from work clothing to party wear. 

That has turned into a reality with the first commercial in this series being out on the small screen. With his long-locks look [for Krissh] and some stylish cinematography and overall packaging, he looks each bit a dashing personality with a great attitude. 

Shown to be driven in a car by 2 men, the advertisement has a look that instantly catches attention and manages to bring the brand in an 'A' league overnight. 

Watch out for this one for yourself!