Hrithik at The Great Indian Laughter Challenge!

Published On: 2012-06-23

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Hrithik at the Great Indian Laughter Challenge


Source: TOI
Date: May 31, 2006 

Krrish and Hrithik Roshan’s ’s flying stunts in the film were the talking point at the shoot of the third semi-final episode of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Monday. Everyone, from the judges to the fans went ga-ga over the star’s tryst with flying. Judge Shekhar Suman struck a mid-flight pose after the show. 

“It was closest to flying in the real sense. Jumping from one building to other, I re-lived my childhood fantasies of flying like a superman,” said Hrithik, who remained mostly reticent. Now sweating, now serious, now nervous, now laughing, Hrithik was at his courteous best. He said Krrish’s USP, vis-à-vis other super heroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman was its Indian genes. 

On comparisons of him going Aamir Khan’s way, courtesy his two-year gap since Koi Mil Gaya, Hrithik said, “It’s better to do good work than be predictable and repetitive.” However, the well-groomed actor didn’t hide his discomfiture especially at Wali Sheikh’s (a Pakistani contestant) jokes replete with sexual undertones of the Dada Kondke variety. The show’s second season faced viewer ire as some contestants’ humour bordered on the crass. 

But Hrithik said the show was one of his favourites. “I have watched the entire second season.”