Hrithik pops the champagne

Published On: 2012-06-27

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Hrithik pops the champagne

Source: FF

Date: June 20, 2006


The star joins Filmfare as it celebrates the success of its latest issue


Hrithik Roshan was a busy man on Sunday evening. He was at the Radio Mirchi studios interacting with his young fans in the evening. Then he made his way to Ra where he joined his friends from Filmfare magazine, who were celebrating the success of their June issue, which did exceedingly well in the market. And what better way to celebrate than have the guy on the cover himself popping the champagne for you? And yes, Hrithik spoke about his association with the magazine and its editor and even shared some anecdotes. Also seen at the do were Kunal Kapoor, Sameera Reddy, Kangana and Indian Idol finalists Ameya Date and Rahul Vaidya, who broke into an impromptu song.