What's linking Hrithik and Anaida?

Published On: 2012-07-03

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What's linking Hrithik and Anaida?

Source: Dna India

By: Chaitanya Padukone

Date: October 17, 2006


When Hrithik Roshan attended the event to celebrate the success of pop singer Anaida’s album ‘Nayaa’, it made everybody curious.


When quizzed, Anaida disclosed her bond with the superstar. “I have dedicated my latest experimental album ‘Nayaa’ to the memory of Hrithik’s late grandmother Ira Roshan. She was very close to me and had composed most of the songs in my previous album ‘Chori Chori’. The track ‘Oonchi Neechi’ is still a chartbuster.” She adds, “Hrithik for me is a symbol of perfection.”


Anaida’s video has been shot with a Hollywood crew on arid locales against the backdrop of cactus plants. “Besides Western, Spanish and Arabic beats and English numbers, I have sung a Sufiyana number ‘Maulaa Re’,” she discloses.


Incidentally, Anaida is also dabbling with playback singing.



What’s Hrithik’s connection with Anaida?

Source: TOI

Date: October 17, 2006


Singer Anaida who’s turned composer as well as songwriter, dazzled everyone at Enigma, JW Marriott on Monday night, where she hosted a musical do. Wearing a shimmering silver and blue evening dress, Anaida warmly welcomed Hrithik Roshan, who was the star of the evening and obviously, the cynosure of all eyes. Looking dapper in a cream suit, Hrithik made an early early and a quick exit but not before charming one and all with his presence. And if anyone’s wondering what connection Hrithik has with Anaida, it was his late grandmother Ila Roshan who was a sort of mentor to the singer that made him attend the do.


It was only after all the photo frenzy that followed Hrithik’s arrival got over, that other guests started pouring in. While buddies AD Singh and Ash Chandler planted themselves at the dance floor, Ravi Behl and Achla Sachdev caught up with each other, the latter looking pretty in a pink flowing skirt. Prahlad Kakar kept Nethra Raghuraman entertained with his jokes. Pulsating beats on the dance floor made sure that nobody left the place till the wee hours of morning!