The hunk's day out!

Published On: 2012-07-10

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The hunk's day out


Source: Times Now 

Date: March 11, 2007 


Bollywood's latest heart throb and action hero Hrithik Roshan is fighting shy of all the compliments thrown at him post Dhoom 2. We caught the star on his day out Post Dhoom 2 and several awards later Hrithik Roshan has been basking in the limelight. But the reticent 'Duggu' as he is popularly known isn't really comfortable with compliments like "perfect" and "Greek god" coming his way. 


Hrithik decided to spend his Sunday morning by inaugurating a dermo cosmetology clinic at Lilavati Hospital. When asked about what he would like to do with the equipment surrounding him he candidly said, "I think, I should care more about my skin" So even with a full life that includes fitting into Akbar's shoes among others, guess there's always room for improvement!