Macroman renews contract with Hrithik

Published On: 2012-08-20

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Macroman renews contract with Hrithik

Source: 3dsyndication.com

Date: March 16, 2010


Behind the constant lights, camera and action lies a super chilled out person. Ask Hrithik Roshan about his cool style and confidence at all times and the actor quips, "Life is as high as your confidence - so why not live up every moment? Live life macro!"


The actor and the leading house of premium knitwear, Rupa & Co Ltd, have renewed their contract for the brand, Macroman, for the third year in a row. With an entry into the global premium wear market, Macroman aims for nothing but the sky.


PR Agarwal, chairman of Rupa & Co Ltd, says, "Hrithik's pursuit of perfection and fitness is the inspiration for the active generation. As well as for Macroman's m-series."


Crafted for the modern Indian male who wants to feel and look good at all times, the premium wears from Macroman are all about perfect fit, comfort and style. The cuts and designs have an international edge for the active lifestyle. The superior fit and fabric stretch with the body during demanding work-outs. "They bring attitude, drive and enthusiasm to the fitness regime. It's the essence of cool style that comes with pursuit of perfection," explains Vikas Agarwal, the brand director of Macroman.