Hrithik Roshan: well worth the wait

Published On: 2012-08-22

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Hrithik Roshan charms Mega Mela fans in Dubai

Source: Gulf News

Date: April 3, 2010


Much to the delight of his fans, Dhoom star Hrithik Roshan took to the Mega Mela stage on Friday, interacting with guests and answering questions.


The actor, who is currently filming his next movie, Guzarish, with Aishwariya Rai, attended the first edition of the Indian cultural carnival at Media City Amphitheatre.


Roshan was looking stylish in a black suit and with his long curls tied up in a ponytail.

The star is also expected to attend at the event's final day on Saturday, making two appearances, at 5:30pm and 7:30pm at the fashion catwalk, on the entertainment stage at 6:15pm and 9:15pm and at the chef's theatre at 8:15pm.


Organisers on Saturday announced a two-for-one deal on all categories of tickets when bought before 6pm.


Roshan had earlier disappointed fans by failing to show up for the event's opening night on Thursday.



Hrithik Roshan: well worth the wait

Source: Gulf News

Date: April 3, 2010


He's learning ballet and aims to do 10 films in a year. Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan, ahead of his headlining appearance at this weekend's Zee Dubai Mega Mela, reveals all to tabloid!


He's India's Superman and Michael Jackson rolled into one and it takes a lot of work to stay that way, says Hrithik Roshan.


Ahead of his headlining appearance at this weekend's Zee Dubai Mega Mela, presented by Centrepoint, Roshan isn't letting the prospect of being surrounded by thousands of adoring fans go to his head. "I've been blessed to have so much love," the Bollywood star, currently filming Guzarish alongside his popular co-star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, told tabloid! from the set.


Roshan will be putting in appearances on the catwalk as well as taking to the stage for Q&A sessions with his fans. While he wouldn't confirm that he'll be dancing, he said he'd be going one better chatting to the crowds. "It's going to be a great opportunity to meet with the fans," he said. "I will do as much as I can. There's lots of things to do and I'm going be there to talk to them, answer some questions whatever it needs."


On dealing with adoring fans

"I don't credit that to myself, it's the magic of the movies, I've been blessed to have so much love. I don't see them as a crowd it's just like a pat on my back and I never take it any other way."


On learning to cope with fame

"I didn't have much time to understand it in fact, I had just three hours with my first film [Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai]. There were people everywhere, they had to call the cops. I didn't understand what was going on, but right from there I had to learn to understand it. It's a compliment."


On learning ballet for Guzarish

"I've been trying to do the jazz ballet pieces and we just wrapped up for the day. [It was already 10pm in India when we spoke.] It was one of the most fab experiences of my life.

"[Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali] put forth the challenge and I wondered if it would be too risky it's not easy to learn ballet, it takes years. But the choreographer was confident. Learning dancing from him has been spiritual. He told me, it will manifest itself if you see it in your head."


On crazy schedules

"I've been working hard because I am nervous about the role. I rehearse in the morning, dancing, then shoot all day, then my workout starts at 11pm. I finish at 1am then I sleep until 8am. It's something I have to go through."


On what drew him to Kites

"I went by instinct. I was looking for a script for two years, but I wasn't sure. I told my dad [the film's scriptwriter, Rakesh Roshan], ‘I don't know if it's the one.' Then [director Anurag] Basu went to work on it and he loved dad's idea. When I saw the scripts, I jumped up from my chair, I was so excited! This is the film I've been waiting and waiting two years for."


On waiting years between films

"My aim is to do 10 films in a year, but it just never happens. My films take too long to get made and after it's made I can't seem to let go — I want to be a part of the post production and give my all in the promotion."


Hrithik's crooning glory


Hrithik Roshan makes his debut as a singer in his much-awaited film Kites, for which he rehearsed 24/7 — be it while brushing his teeth or taking a shower. "Early in the morning, I would start with my sa re ga ma... right from the time I would wake up to brushing my teeth to taking the shower, all the time I sang with hand movements trying to reach the highest scale and the lowest note," Roshan said.

"I was nervous to make my debut as a singer, considering I come from a family that is well-known in the world of music, but for this very reason my uncle [Rajesh Roshan] and director Anurag Basu were most certain that I could sing," he said.

"I have given this song my best and honest shot but I still don't consider myself a professional singer," the 36-year-old said.




At the Zee Dubai Mega Mela, the star brought about a whole lot of dhoom for his fans

Source: Masala

Date: April 3, 2010



Hrithik Roshan couldn’t make his scheduled appearance on the first day of the Zee Dubai Mega Mela on April 1, but he made up for that absence by giving his fans an evening to remember on April 2. The Philips Fashion Catwalk, in association with Masala!, at the Amphitheatre, Dubai Media City, was where visitors to the Mela first got to see Hrithik. And believe us when we say that they brought the house down with their cheering, clapping and whistling for the Bollywood heartthrob.


The catwalk arena was packed with HR fans, and when the man himself walked on stage, there was absolute dhoom. Wearing a black jacket and trousers, with a white shirt, his hair styled into a ponytail, Hrithik looked his usual fantastic self. “Ten years on stage, but I still get nervous. So keep the love coming,” he said. That got him a fresh round of cheering from the audience, as also the fact that he called Dubai his ‘home away from home’.


From the fashion catwalk, Hrithik moved to the Moulinex Chefs’ Theatre, where he confessed that boiling eggs was all the cooking that he did. “Boiled eggs are very healthy!” he said. And Hrithik revealed that he was a complete ‘foodaholic’. “If I weren’t an actor, I’d be fat, and happy-fat at that. People have actually said to me, ‘Stop eating now. I’m getting sick just looking at you.’” He added that he’s had to put on a lot of weight for the movie ‘Guzaarish.’ “Just two months ago, I had a 36-inch waist.” Forget the six and eight packs of other heroes, Hrithik says he had a ‘family pack’. “I had to quickly lose that weight so I was recognizable and not booed off stage.” And what’s the secret of his amazing physique? Hrithik says it’s all about eating healthy and exercising.


Later, Hrithik was at the du and Timex entertainment stage, where he delighted fans by doing his signature shoulder flex dance move from his debut film ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. “Now I’m embarrassed,” he said after. Later, he also took time out to shake hands and interact with fans, driving the crowds absolutely wild.


So what else did one of Bollywood’s hottest hunks share at Day 2 of the Zee Dubai Mega Mela? Read on to find out.


Hrithik’s favourite actress

“Now since it’s time to fly ‘Kites’, it’s Barbara Mori.”


On his bearded, long-haired look

“This is for the movie ‘Guzaarish’ (The movie co-stars Aishwarya Rai and is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali). I’ve been shooting for it for the past few months. Now I have just one more scene to shoot, and then the beard goes, and I get a haircut too.”


What he’d like his two boys, Hrehaan and Hridaan, to learn

“Children learn by example. If you want your children to lead a life of value and dignity, you have to walk the righteous path. That’s what I hope my kids will learn.”


Hrithik’s worst fashion disaster

“I’ve had so many blunders. That happens when I’m left to do my clothes on my own.”


What’s fashionable and what’s his style statement?

“I don’t think that people should think too much about fashion. Fashion is what you’re comfortable in. And I think the best style is when you’re not trying to make a statement.”


Hrithik’s favourite shopping destination

"Of course it’s Dubai. How dare you ask me that?!"


Hrithik’s favourite place in Dubai

“Right here, right now. I can’t ask for more."


Hrithik’s special message for fans in Dubai

“I’m so happy being here. Please watch my next movie ‘Kites’ and give me your opinion. Tell me what was good, and definitely tell me what was bad. The criticism is more important because it is the access point to growth. And that’s my mission, to grow as an actor, creative person, and human being.”


Did you know?

Hrithik himself designed the mask that his character wears in ‘Krissh’ It took him six months to develop!