Hrithik Roshan Brings Majesty to HDIL

Published On: 2012-08-31

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B’wood’s billion dollar moment!

Source: TNN

Date: Oct 9, 2010

By: Meena Iyer


You could hear the kiss! It was so genuine... And you could feel the butterflies in your stomach when Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan kissed the Biggest Legend of all-time, Amitabh Bachchan.


And who was overseeing this? Hrithik Roshan — Hindi cinema's heir apparent. A billion hearts missed a beat at Karan Johar's and Varun Bahl's maginficent display of Victorian age fashion at the HDIL India Couture Week 2010 on Thursday night.


Amitabh apparently arrived three hours ahead to perfect his show-stopper act. A nervous Hrithik was said to be pacing backstage, practising his walk till the very last minute. And eyes misted over, whistles rent the air as Hrithik dressed in navy blue kicked off the high-life retail line of garments made from rich velvet mixes and lightweight wool. The garments, structured in a masculine sophisticated way, brought new meaning to the simple term style.


The colours of black, royal gold, mud brown, rich burgundy, navy blue and dark grey with intricate embroidery gave you the feeling of the 'Raj' but were equally contemporary.


The show belonged to the patriarch of Indian cinema. When the very lean Amitabh strode in with dark glasses, a scarf covering his neck, wearing a black long coat over grey trousers and actually glided on the ramp, the women (including daughter Shweta) went hysterical. An emotional Karan touched his feet and wiped a tear as he whispered, "Thank-you Amit Uncle for agreeing to do this for me." What was least expected was that Hrithik and the Big B would suddenly pull SRK on stage and break into a dance with him.


Says Karan, "Varun and I felt that if this line was to have true meaning, then we should have men like Amit uncle and Hrithik walk the ramp for us. The piece de resistance was the return of the K3G cast on the ramp. It was a blend of fashion and emotion in the house."



Hrithik Roshan Brings Majesty to HDIL India Couture Week 2010

Source: Sawf News

Date: 08 October 2010


Hrithik, 36, kicked off the show in a Napoleonic creation from the designer duo's The Victorian Victor collection. He wore a black velvet double-breasted long coat atop a white shirt with extended slit cuffs. His attire and chiseled good looks made a heady combination. He strode the runway like a young sovereign stirring passion amongst the noble ladies of his kingdom.


Hrithik's wife Sussanne K Roshan - herself looked a stunner in a gray Herve Leger banded dress - lustily cheered Hrithik and the audience broke into a thunderous applause.


Amitabh Bachchan walked the ramp next as the show stopper. The two Bollywood heavy weights then walked the ramp together.


At the end of the show, Karan Johar and Varun Behl took their bows with the two stars.


Karan then asked Amitabh and Hrithik to get Shah Rukh Khan, who was seated in the front row with wife Gauri, on to the ramp.


Amitabh, Hrithik and Shah Rukh had co-starred in Karan Johar's 2001 film Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.


The three stars then strode the ramp together in a grand finale. At the end of the walk, Shah Rukh spontaneously broke into a dance, prompting his erstwhile co-stars to follow his lead.