Hrithik named brand ambassador for Liberty

Published On: 2012-09-11

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Hrithik Roshan named brand ambassador for Liberty


Source: IANS 

Date: August 2, 2011 


Hrithik Roshan has been made the brand ambassador for shoe giant Liberty and the makers say that they zeroed in on the Bollywood heartthrob because he connects with the youth. 'Hrithik has an immense sense of style and connection with the youth that complements Liberty which is trying to revamp the brand by adding youthful and vibrant feel to it. Hrithik is a complete family person; he has strong family values and thus he is an apt personification of Liberty's ideology,' Anupam Bansal, director, Liberty Shoes Ltd, said in a statement. 


The company hopes the superstar will give the brand a vibrant and youthful makeover. 'It feels great to be part of a home-grown brand which has been constantly serving the worldwide audience since more than 50 years. Besides, the collection is superbly stylish yet comfortable, just how we all like it. I am really enjoying being associated with the Liberty family,' Hrithik said in a press statement Tuesday. 

Liberty has plans to introduce innovative and stylish products towards the end of the month.