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Published On: 2012-03-17

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ITC's John Players and Hrithik Roshan make a winning combination August 30, 2005


New Delhi
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ITC's John Players, the trendy brand of men's apparel that has made waves among today's youth across India in a short span of time, is set to take the next big leap forward.

In an inspiring move that is bound to capture the imagination of today's fashion-conscious and brand-conscious youth, ITC today signed on the noted superstar and youth icon Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for its apparel brand John Players.

Announcing this, ITC's Executive Director, Mr. Anup Singh, said, "ITC is committed to achieving a leadership position in the Indian apparel market. ITC's brands, Wills Lifestyle and John Players have, in a short span of time, been able to generate high appeal, recognition and loyalty among consumers, trade partners and within the fashion industry."

John Players is driven by the vision of creating a mega-brand offering the most contemporary fashion to youth at accessible prices. It is today a leading menswear brand that really understands, anticipates and reaches out to existing and emerging fashion needs and offers a stylish range of garments tailored to work, leisure and party occasions. With multiple categories such as shirts, trousers, cargos and T-shirts, denims, outerwear, suits and accessories, it is a complete and vibrant wardrobe brand. 

As a part of ITC's brand building initiative, the Company is partnering with Hrithik Roshan, as the brand ambassador for John Players, to make a strong statement in the fashion and lifestyle space. Hrithik Roshan personifies what the brand stands for, "style with a playful side". Hrithik is an aspirational icon. His innate style, vibrancy and playfulness highlight the core attributes of the brand. 

As a part of this initiative, ITC will be shortly introducing Signature collections that will be crafted by the Company's design team working closely with Hrithik, "infusing his personal touch into the brand."

Said Hrithik, "I look forward to partnering with John Players. I vibe really well with the brand's youthful attitude. The clothes are really cool and just what today's generation looks for-vibrant colours, playful styling and very comfortable fits. The brand is definitely going places. I wish it all the very best."

Scheduled to be launched in October this year, the John Players fall/winter campaign featuring Hrithik Roshan will bring vividly alive both the personality of the brand and the vibrant new range.

About John Players
ITC launched its fashionable and youthful men's apparel brand, John Players, in March 2003. The brand is positioned to be 'style with a playful side'. The range is crafted in line with the fashion preferences of youth and the most contemporary fashion trends. The John Players brand has vibrant offerings in shirts, trousers, cargos, T-shirts, denims, outerwear, suits and accessories, all bearing the ITC mark of world class quality. The pricing, between Rs. 500 and Rs. 900, makes the brand accessible to people at large. The brand is available in over 1500 multi-brand outlets across the country. In the endeavour to offer the consumer an even superior brand experience, ITC is now rapidly expanding the network of John Players exclusive flagship stores from 45 now to 100 by the end of this year. 

John Players now enjoys high recognition from both consumers and in the fashion industry. The brand won the coveted 'Rising Star Brand of the year' award at the 5th Annual Images Fashion Awards 2005.