Candid Confessions

Published On: 2012-10-01

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Candid confessions

Source: Dailypioneer

Date: 31 January 2014

By: Iknoor Kaur



While Hrithik Roshan said that his favourite game is Candy Crush, Sonam Kapoor called herself a ‘geek behind all the designer clothes.' Iknoor Kaur witnessed the two at their casual best


Looking suave in ruffled hair, a navy blue coat and denims, Hrithik Roshan was at ease with the way he walked and his candour reflected freedom. The actor looked happy and stress free when he made his first appearance post-separation recently here. He poked fun at almost everyone and went on and on about his “lovely on-screen chemistry” with Sonam Kapoor. His effect seemed to rub onto Sonam as she giggled her way through the afternoon. Though the two of them were here to launch five-year-old Chinese mobile company Oppo’s first handset in India called N1, they also revealed a few details about themselves while talking about the phone. “Hrithik and I both don’t do too many films, but now we may just do a romantic film together after looking at our chemistry in the Oppo mobile advertisement,” said Sonam.


The advertisement of the mobile shows both of them as childhood sweethearts who incidentally meet after a long time. According to Hrithik, the ad is similar to his equation with Sonam. He shared, “Both of us always met as children and while growing up we lost touch. When she came to the film industry it revived all those childhood memories. So the advertisement is close to my heart and I never thought we could make a good on-screen couple. But I think we did and our chemistry was amazing.”


The phone has several features and Sonam raved about one which lets you use the back of the phone to flip through photos and click pictures. Hrithik promptly pulled her leg. “Sonam is a cleanliness freak,” he quipped. Their chemistry was obvious but what was more obvious was Hrithik’s neat wisecracks on the people around. “I love the Chinese. They are so polite in everything. Their characteristics were actually more appealing than the phone’s,” he joked while justifying his endorsement with the brand. Sonam played quite the rescuer to Hrithik when personal questions were shot at him. When someone asked him how he would be celebrating Valentines Day, before he could even react, she threw her hands in the air and said, “I don’t believe in the concept of Valentines Day. I think every day should be celebrated as Valentines Day.”


On a lighter note Hrithik spoke about his obsession with gadgets and said that every now and then he slips into a gadget zone and doesn’t come out for days. He also shared that his current favourite mobile game is Candy Crush. Sonam, too, confessed that she is a geek. “Behind all these designer clothes, I am a pure geek. I love my gadgets and I am crazy about them,” she said and Hrithik ended, “I don’t think we often come across geeks who look this good.”