My sister bravest on earth: Hrithik Roshan

Published On: 2012-10-05

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Hrithik Roshan Launches Sister Sunaina's Biography on Dad Rakesh Roshan


Source: NDTV 

Date: May 27, 2014 

By: Puja Talwar 


Playing the doting brother, an emotional Hrithik Roshan along with the rest of the family, launched Sunaina Roshan's pictorial biography on father Rakesh titled To Dad With Love. Sunaina said that as she observed her father, she felt he was a man who had to be written about. Whilst the rest of the family supported her efforts, it's was kept a secret from father Rakesh since it was meant to be a surprise.


Hrithik, looking lean and dapper in jeans , t-shirt and jacket , was deeply moved, applauding his sister who had recently been through a tough time, braving illness, saying that in his most challenging moments it was his Didi's smiling face and words of wisdom which were his source of strength. Hrithik, who is currently filming Bang Bang, has been maintaining a low profile vis-a-vis the media and preferred to do the talking on stage, applauding the women in his family especially his mother Pinky for being the real super hero amongst them. 


Rakesh Roshan, who said he had learnt to move on whenever faced with difficulties, said that his children too believed in the same and that they were not the ones to wallow in self pity. So should we expect Krrish 4 after the record breaking success of Krrish 3? The filmmaker said he was taking a break from that genre and working on something else. Would it have another hero? No, came the response. It would always be Hrithik. Well, if you have a superhero in the family you don't need to look any further.


My sister bravest on earth: Hrithik Roshan


Source: TOI 

Date: May 27, 2014 



Superstar Hrithik Roshan overcame stammering and he is currently in the midst of a divorce with his estranged wife Sussanne Khan. Challenges may be many, but the actor says facing them and moving on is made easy when he looks at the fighting spirit of his elder sister Sunaina, a cancer survivor. "I am so proud and blessed to have a sister like my 'didi'. I've seen her battle through challenges, and gain victory over things that could devastate any of us. 


My sister is the bravest person on earth," Hrithik said to an eclectic gathering here Monday night. The ocassion was special for the Roshan family - it was the launch of "To Dad, With Love", Sunaina's book on their father and actor-filmmaker Rakesh Roshan. Hrithik and Sunaina's mother Pinkie too was present for the event. Unlike most siblings, Hrithik took to the stage and introduced his "real superhero" Sunaina to the audience, and the spectators made the evening truly special by applauding her. Sunaina, who came out for a public event here after seven months, was a tad embarassed. 


But for Hrithik, it seemed like a gesture he'd been wanting to do for his sister for a long time. "When I go through challenges, didi, I think if your challenges and then of your smile, and I have no other choice but to go on," Hrithik said in his tribute to his sister. 


The older of the siblings, Sunaina battled cervical cancer and she has two failed marriages behind her. The actor even thanked her and his mother for working tirelessly in bringing out a book on their father, and for "setting him in the realms of history". "To Dad, With Love" is a pictorial biography published by Om Books International.



'To Dad, With Love': Hrithik, Sunaina launch book on Rakesh Roshan


Source: Zee News 

Date: May 27, 2014 


Rakesh Roshan, his wife Pinkie, and their children Sunaina and Hrithik were here in a rarely captured picture perfect moment for the launch of ‘To Dad, With Love’, a pictorial biography on the filmmaker by his daughter. She says once she worked closely with her dad, she realised that "this man needs to be written about". 


Sunaina, a cancer survivor who constantly exudes a vibrant smile with a sparkle in her eyes, says it was when she worked with her father as an assistant director for ‘Krrish 3’ that the idea of a book on the actor-filmmaker struck her. "I saw a different side of him at work. I felt this man needs to be written about to inspire people," 


Sunaina, the elder of the Roshans` children, said here Monday night. The book`s foreward is written by Hrithik, and their mother Pinkie played a key role in putting the whole idea together. Sunaina says it is his never-say-die spirit which inspires her the most, and it is his philosophy of "tough times don`t last, tough people do", which kept her going when she was ill. So, once Sunaina decided to embark on the journey of penning a book, based on a gamut of photographs from Rakesh Roshan`s childhood to teenage days as well as his days as a young handsome actor, when he turned a husband, father, director and on his journey till now, she touched base with his extended family and friends secretly to get the project going. 


There are about 30 people, including names like Shatrughan Sinha, Jeetendra and Rishi Kapoor, to whom Sunaina spoke to for getting the most candid information out about her father. Sunaina said amongst all, Hrithik was the toughest to get hold of to write the foreward for the book, but when he did, he did it with all his heart. For Rakesh Roshan, who is known for directing films like ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’, ‘Karan Arjun’, ‘Kaho Naaa Pyaar Hai’ and the ‘Krrish’ franchise, it was a proud and happy moment. On Monday, after Narendra Modi took oath as the country`s 14th prime minister, here was Rakesh Roshan attending a launch of a book on himself by his daughter. 


"Modi-ji ne kahaa ache din aane waale hain. Mera ache din toh aa gaya (Modi said good days lie ahead, my good day has come) - a daughter is launching a book on her father. What better day to launch it," he said here on Monday. The proud daddy said he was surprised yet proud that Sunaina managed to interview his school friends, teachers and co-actors, and has quoted them "so well" in the book, published by Om Books International. 


The family heaped praise on each other`s `superhero` abilities at the event, which was also attended by the Roshans` elderly family members. Rakesh and Pinkie were emotional to see them, and went out of their way to greet them.