When friends came calling

Published On: 2012-10-07

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When friends came calling


Source: Telegraph India 

Date: June 1, 2014 

By: Bharathi S Pradhan 


Even as he chatted with his children over Face Time, Hrithik Roshan was very much the man in control as he took charge right at the airport lounge in Mumbai where he ordered coffee and green tea for all of us. "Us" was his family of dad Rakesh, mom Pinkie, sister Sunaina, a couple of their staffers, and me. We were headed as a small group to Delhi for the release of To Dad With Love, a well-produced pictorial and textual biography of Rakesh Roshan by daughter Sunaina, published by Om Books International. I'd helped them with the book; hence my inclusion in this essentially Roshan parivar trip to Delhi. And it turned out to be a real fun Monday evening, happening just a couple of hours after the swearing-in ceremony of the new Prime Minister and his Cabinet. 


After the power event, it was the much-welcome glamour dose that topped Delhi's social calendar for the day. It was Sunaina's big day as a first-time author (she did work very hard on the book) and she wore a Priya Kataria kaftan in black and red that went perfectly with the black-red furnishings of the hall at the luxurious Marriott Aerocity. All four Roshans took turns at speaking and a certain cozy family feel marked the book release. 


When Pinkie talked of her three super heroes, Hrithik gallantly added that she was one herself for nurturing the whole family so wonderfully. Hrithik overflowed with love. With his current philosophical bent, he has genuinely started believing that nothing is about yourself, it's all about others, and that's the only way to live. It's a marked departure from the general community of actors who're renowned for not thinking beyond themselves. Rakesh Roshan, the man of the evening, made it very relevant to the day by saying, 


"Mr Modi, our new Prime Minister, says, Achche din aane wale hain. I feel today, achche din aa gaye hain..." Most of all, Sunaina handled herself surprisingly well.When a journo tried to be nosey and said, "We're missing someone from the family" (referring to the missing Sussanne), Sunaina smartly retorted, "Yes, I'm missing my daughter," and neatly got out of it. Dinner was at a Michelin-star Japanese restaurant in the same hotel where Hrithik and Sunaina stuck to water while the rest toasted the new author with bubbly, wine and whisky. 


Hrithik must have posed for a few hundred photographs that evening but did it like a sport. One young girl who was celebrating her birthday that day felt special when Hrithik cut her cake at our table and posed for a pic with her. Soon there were others claiming that it was their birthday too!