Hrithik, we stood on the chairs..

Published On: 2012-10-17

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Hrithik, we stood on the chairs..


Source: Myntra

We stood on the chairs to get a glimpse of him. We waited in corridors for hours just to see him. We even tried to build a rapport with his driver so that we can take a selfie with him. Finally, the greek god of bollywood, Hithik Roshan, arrived at Myntra office. There were screams all around. Love you…marry me…one pic pls…Hrithikkkkk…And when Mukesh and Hrithik started interacting with us, 1000 plus Myntra employees got hyper excited to hear them out.

I somehow grabbed the mike and asked him a question. Whom does he idolise?

Hrithik said there are two parts to it. First part is that he idolises every single individual he comes across. He looks at their good qualities that he doesn’t possess. As a sanskrit Subhashita says

Its impossible to find a person without good qualities as every single person has good qualities in him. Its simply unbelievable that a person of Hrithiks’ stature is so grounded. Hrithik inspired us all to be a better human being.

Second part he said, he visualises himself 20 years from now. What kind of a person he wanna be? He visualises it every single day. Hrithik Roshan 20 years down the line is the second person whom he idolises. Now this reminds me of Eklavya from Mahabharata. Since Dronacharya refused to mentor him, he created an image of Drona and started practicing the art of archery all by himself. Eklavya too visualised himself as an ace archer and achieved it eventually. Again, an exceptional approach towards life.

Hrithik you have set the bar high, very high indeed. Thanks for giving us happy moments.