Fair and Handsome associates itself with Hrithik

Published On: 2012-10-22

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Fair and Handsome associates itself with Hrithik Roshan

Source: IBNS

In an endeavor to strengthen its youth appeal, Fair and Handsome, the leading fairness brand exclusively for men from the house of Emami Limited, has launched a unique digital campaign #HandsomeLife.

#HandsomeLife is a platform for young and aspiring individuals who had the courage to break away from their mundane routine and comfortable lives to follow their passion and achieve their dreams. Most of us usually aim to get a comfortable and high paying job and settle for the perks we get with them, but there are very few men who aspire to fulfill their dreams and for which they give up their comfort zones and choose to chase passion and build their dreams.

Through this contest Fair and Handsome aims at recognizing these courageous young men and rewarding the unsung heroes for their achievements in life. This stems from the Brand’s belief that being handsome goes beyond looks and a man is more “handsome” when he breaks away the shackles and goes after his dreams.

The exciting 7-day programme will have a session with Hrithik, a hang-out with the FC Pune City Team players, sessions by team coach David Platt and a host of achievers who have followed their passion

The winners would also be groomed in specially-crafted sessions by three renowned personalities, J P Singh, a career coach; Ruchi Aggarwal, Director – Marketing, Microsoft and Soft skill specialists and Sethu Madhavan, Chief Editor, http://www.madaboutmoviez.com and an XLRI Alumnus who followed his passion for film and is now an acclaimed film critic. The trio will also be the jury of the event.

Talking about the campaign, Mohan Goenka, Director, Emami Limited said, “We are happy to launch this campaign as a platform to recognize and acknowledge the handsomeness of youth today. The youth are uninhibited and have a strong sense of purpose in their life. They go the extra mile to follow their passion and achieve their dreams. Fair and Handsome, as the thought leader, wishes to celebrate this indomitable spirit, which is in line with the Brand philosophy that handsomeness is about living life as a multi-faceted, well-rounded personality. Hrithik Roshan, Fair and Handsome’s Brand Ambassador will lead this campaign that will conclude with an exclusive session with the style icon himself: this will be an unforgettable treat to the youngsters.”