Dew launches a new campaign with Hrithik

Published On: 2012-11-09

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Mountain Dew comes up with new campaign Risk Utha Naam Bana


Source: Exchange4Media
Date: March 5, 2019

Brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan features in film celebrating the journey of Gerrari Offroaders - Gurmeet Virdi and Kirpal Singh Tung

Mountain Dew is continuing with its pioneering format of biopic storytelling built on their Risk Takers of India platform. Mountain Dew's 2019 campaign celebrates an exhilarating journey of real-life heroes Gerrari Offroaders-Gurmeet Virdi and Kirpal Singh Tung who are synonymous with off-roading in India today.

The celebration of the inspiring journey of Gerrari Offroaders is consistent with Mountain Dew's efforts over the last three year of showcasing real-life heroes through its ‘Risk Utha Naam Bana’ campaign.

Naseeb Puri, Director, Mountain Dew & Energy, PepsiCo India says, “Mountain Dew has always celebrated the spirit of those who push themselves to achieve extraordinary results, making a name for themselves in the process. Gurmeet and Kirpal are an embodiment of the Dew philosophy of Risk Utha, Naam Bana and it is our privilege to be able to share their inspiring story with millions of Indians across the country. 

Taking inspiration from the adventures of Gurmeet, Kirpal, Kabir & the Gerrari Offroaders, the Mountain Dew film is an ode to those who take risk head on and come out victorious. In the words of the Gerrari Offroaders themselves, when they're seen as the underdogs, what they may lack in resources, they make up for in jigar. In the moment of choice, it's that jigar that makes the difference between Naam & Namumkin. 

According to Senthil Kumar, Creative Chief at Wunderman Thompson, “Mountain Dew brings authentic and inspiring stories of real heroes using the popular cinematic biopic storytelling format. This time Hrithik Roshan shares the story of India's first 4x4 world champions. Set amidst rainforest landscape this shoot was an adventure like no other. The journey of these men is one filled with grit and guts. This Mountain Dew film is a salute to the spirit of risk taking and the hunger to make a name inspiring the viewers to do the same.

Speaking about his experience, Hrithik Roshan, Mountain Dew brand ambassador said, ‘The story of Gurmeet & Kirpal is truly inspiring. As movie actors, we perform stunts on screen but these guys live a new adventure each day. Their story is one of passion, risk and courage and it’s been my privilege to bring the story of these risktakers to the big screen.'