Do you have the mooch swag?

Published On: 2012-11-14

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Do you have the mooch swag? Watch Hrithik Roshan, KL Rahul and Kunal Kapoor show off their moustaches in this new song

Source: Indulge Express
Date: Oct 3, 2020
By: Ayesha Tabassum 

Men who sport moustaches have a new anthem dedicated to them. This song features some of the top celebrities in India who flaunt their mooch and beard with style. Titled 'My Mooch, My Swag!' the anthem was launched on October 1 this year by Beardo, the men's grooming brand.

The breezy number speaks about different experiences bearded men encounter, right from being called different names to spending time on grooming their facial hair. The song encourages men to show-off their 'mooch swag'. It features actors Hrithik Roshan, Kunal Kapoor and cricketer KL Rahul.

The song that is a little over a minute is quite entertaining and includes bearded men dancing to the tune.

Beardo, the brand is know for releasing such singles encouraging bearded men to be confident of their looks.

In 2018, they released the 'WhyFEARDOTheresBEARDO?' an anthem with lyrics in English and Malayalam that was dedicated to men in Kerala. In 2016, they had launched the 'Such A Beardo' song.