Filmfare 2002 - Isha's Reaction

Published On: 2012-04-10

Author: unknown

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Did you ask me how I handled myself on seeing Duggu at the Filmfare Awards?? hahaha....what do you expect....I was HYSTERICAL!!!!! 

First of all, I DID NOT expect Duggu to be there. I was just going about watching it...all bored..nothing else to do, recording it for my parents! And then, I saw Duggu & SCREAMT!! hahaha....I was actually screaming! Thank God no one was around me at the time! No one was at home...it was kinda spooky, but then I was glad no one was there!! I could scream and shout and jump in joy as much as I wanted! hahaha...I saw Duggu!!!! :D 

I don't know why...but the moment I knew Rekha was being given the Lifetime Achievement award, I just KNEW IT that Duggu is gonna be presenting it to her!! My GUT feeling! haha..but the way SRK & Saif introduced him was sooooo GOOD! I agree, both SRK & Saif were very good as presenters! I enjoyed watching them interact...and the whole show was quite enjoyable thanks to these 2!! 

hahaha...the moment I saw Duggu walk up on stage, kiss Rekha and start with his speech....I was jumping on my bed!! haha...literally! My poor bed suffered so much that day!! hahahahaha.....

But OMG!!!! That speech was INCREDIBLE! I was soooo completely mesmerized...SPEECHLESS!! I was only staring at him throughout Rekha's speech...and boy! was he ADORABLE or what? And I agree, we just LOVE him they way he is!! Our sweetheart Duggu! And he was just that on stage! Shy, nervous, so completely in AWE of Rekha!! My SWEETOO!!! :D :D :D 

hahahahaha....wanna know my first reaction when Duggu finished with his speech?? I was so EXCITED, I had to tell someone! I actually picked up my cell-phone to call P!! hahaha....I was about to dial her number when I realised it was FREAKING 3 AM in Tokyo!! hahaha....THANK GOODNESS I did not, otherwise her hubby would KILL ME! hahaha....

Gosh...I had such a good time watching him after SOOOOOOO LONG! We SURE MISSED HIM SOOOO MUCH!! And yeah, Reena, just like you and most others here...NO ONE has ever had such an effect on me!! :D