Hrithik's a regular clotheshorse

Published On: 2012-03-18

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Hrithik's a regular clotheshorse


Source: Mid Day

Hrithik Roshan has signed on as brand ambassador for the international clothing brand, John Players. 

Designer Anna Singh has done the styling, Slash has styled his hair, while photographer Bharat Sikka has shot the ad campaign. Hrithik, known to be selective about his endorsements, tells us why he selected John Players. 

What made you sign John Players?

It's very important to be responsible and choose the correct brand. The brand should be a reflection of your own person and image. I chose John Players because it goes with my image - their clothes look good on me and they offer you a complete wardrobe, from party wear to suits, belts, socks and all kinds of accessories, at very accessible prices. 


As brand ambassador what will your role be?

When a celebrity attaches his name to a brand, in the public eye, it is a representation of the brand. Because they like the celebrity, they will take the initiative to check out the product the celebrity is endorsing.

You are known to be selective about ads.... 

It's not a calculated or manipulated decision. A lot of people feel I am getting overexposed with ads, but I don't agree. I do whatever comes my way and go with my instincts. 

What's your favourite clothing brand?

I am not brand conscious at all. The only brand I am aware of is Armani, and though I have no Armani suits in my wardrobe, I wear a lot of Armani casuals and tops and shop a lot at Emporio Armani. 


Are you fussy about your clothes?

Initially I wasn't. I didn't care how I looked or what I wore. But today, I realise one has to make an effort to look good. These days it's a prerequisite to have good clothes sense. 

How long will you be growing your hair?

I will maintain it till Krrish gets over. For Dhoom 2, I will sport a new hairstyle. 

How to dress well, by Hrithik Roshan

1. Style is all about having confidence in yourself. Have oodles of confidence and wear it on your sleeve. 
2. To get confident, one doesn't need to do something great - you can play a guitar well and achieve that confidence. You don't need to be super-looking. 
3. Be yourself. Let your individuality shine out. You will look good in anything you wear. 
4. Wear what suits your personality; don't always go by fashion trends.