Star and shine

Published On: 2012-04-21

Author: unknown

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Star and shine

Neelam Kothari walked in exclaiming, “Oh gosh this is just like a film mahurat,” and we have to agree. There were white flower and fern arrangements all over the place, photographers’ flash bulbs going off every few seconds, models dressed like filmi extras and Bollywood stars in attendance.

But that’s where the similarities ended. The reopening of Anmol Jewellers on Bandra’s Turner Road last evening may have been filmi, but it was definitely about glittering gold, diamonds and extravagance. Most guests looked like they’d pulled out heirloom pieces to show off. 

Sanjay and Zarine Khan’s daughter Farah wore stunning diamonds on her fingers and dangling from her earlobes, but that was to be expected, considering it was her jewellery line that was being introduced at the store. Hubby DJ Aqueel, mother Zarine, Sussane and her husband Hrithik Roshan, besides friends jewellery designer Palomi Sanghvi and fashion designers Shabina Khan and Anna Singh were on hand to extend their support. 

For Farah, who has been designing jewellery for close to a decade, the change from ‘by appointment only’ to ‘universally accessible’ has come at the right time. “I feel ready to reach out to the masses now,” said Farah last night. 

While that is as it may be, the truth of the matter is ‘the masses’ will never be able to afford these large (and yes, stunning) pieces of jewellery.

The Hosts: Sunil and Ishu Datwani 

The Verdict: Some superb uncut diamond pieces and tons of other options for the moneyed customer.

The Buzz: Hrithik was, expectedly, the centre of attention. The women just couldn’t get enough. “He’s so tall,” “He’s so cute,” “He shorter than I thought he would be,” “How nicely his hair has grown out”…. The comments were the most entertaining. 

The glamour brigade: Neelam Kothari, Sussane and Hrithik Roshan at the reopening of Anmol Jewellers at Bandra last evening. Pic: Rane Ashish