John Player's has paid me well!

Published On: 2012-03-19

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John Player has paid me well: Hrithik Roshan

Source: Bollyvista

Hrithik Roshan, appointed brand ambassador for John Player, shot his first assignment for the apparel brand in Bangkok on September 3 and 4.

Roshan Jr will endorse the entire range that John Player offers from formals to casuals to party wear.

Rakesh Roshan's only son said that he agreed to endorse John Player primarily for two reasons.

One, Hrithik realized that the brand is available at affordable prices. "I am excited that I will push a product, which not only the rich can afford," he said.

Two, Hrithik felt that John Player clothes look good on him. The company had delivered a lot of their pieces at his residence in Juhu. Explaining how he agreed to endorse John Player, he said, "I love dressing up well. I tried out different things and different combinations. After thorough introspection I said yes. I feel very comfortable and good when I wear John player. I tried the shirts and T-shirts in particular and yes, the suits too. The cargos are pretty cool."

The actor seemed pretty boisterous about the fact that the endorsement shoot had been arranged in Bangkok. The days were fixed keeping his agenda in mind. "India is equally beautiful, but abroad, more often than not, we actors don't get mobbed. Besides, John Player had decided to shoot mainly outdoor locales. So I was definitely more comfortable in a place where I am relaxed and less conscious."

Hrithik didn't have to haggle over his fee. "They are paying me enough, I don't need to complain. For a two-day job, the money offered has been pretty good. I didn't feel the need to negotiate," he laughed.

Post Bangkok shoot, Hrithik will start shooting for the balance portions on 'Krrish'. "Thereafter, we start the penultimate schedule of 'Krrish', it's a 60-day stint in Singapore. The final schedule has been fixed for Mumbai, it will culminate on December 26th," he disclosed.

Recently, John Player had won the Rising Star Brand of the year award at the 5th Annual Images Fashion Awards 2005. Hrithik is looking forward to a long-term association with the brand.