Hrithik launches U.S. Pizza outlet!

Published On: 2012-04-28

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Hrithik launches U.S. Pizza outlet!

Source: Dominic Ferrao 

When the Morani brothers – Ali, Karim and Mohomed -- decide to do something, they certainly do it in style. After dabbling in a number of other businesses, including film production and event management, they’ve now turned their attention to pizza. More specifically, U.S. Pizza. And they had none other than actor Hrithik Roshan launch their eatery in Mumbai recently. 

At the new restaurant located inside Hindustan Petroleum’s petrol pump station at Juhu (United Pizza Restaurant has a tie-up with HPCL to open outlets at all their service stations), attendees waited expectantly for the star who has been flying high ever since he delivered one of the biggest grossers in Bollywood, ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. Not surprisingly, the place was packed not only with teenagers, but with little kids hoping for a close encounter with their favourite actor. 

As always, Hrithik didn’t disappoint. The actor arrived wearing a tight fitting T-shirt and jeans, and waved as his fans cheered. 

Mr Akbar, Managing Director of US Pizza, welcomed the actor and said, “With the success story starting less than a decade ago in Bangalore city, US Pizza has now extended 24 franchises in five states in India. We have maintained a steady growth year after year and intend to add another five stores in Mumbai in the next 12 months.” In fact, an insider assured us, the expansion plans included close to 500 outlets all over the country in the next three years. 

“I love eating pizza,” Hrithik announced, when he was handed the mike. “And I’ve had the pleasure of tasting those offered by U.S. Pizza and I can say this much – their pizza are just as unique as their location. I congratulate Mr Akbar and the Moranis on the launch of this new outlet in Mumbai and wish them all the best in their venture.” 

To a question posed by the media, he replied, “Pizza is not a health food, but it’s the sheer joy of eating one that cannot be denied. I myself eat pizza two or three times a week – unfailingly.” He then proceeded to complete the launch by unveiling a pizza box and actually sampling its contents. If that didn’t get the audience’s gastronomic juices flowing, he even made an attempt to make a pizza right there, to the pleasant surprise of those present. 

After the launch, as expected, Hrithik was mobbed by the media, hoping for a ‘byte’ of a different kind. The actor obliged, answering their questions patiently, before waving goodbye to the crowd. We won’t be surprised if youngsters at the nearby Mithibhai College make this outlet their favourite soon, especially since US Pizza will be publicising the branch by organising celebrity appearances, DJ Nights, Karaoke Nights, Theme Nights, Corporate Events, etc. 

So if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of your favourite stars, you know where to head!