Holi ho to aisi

Published On: 2012-04-29

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Holi ho to aisi

Source: MD

Bhaagna mana hai, bheegna zaroori hai was the mandate at the rang barse celebrations hosted by the Bachchan parivaar. Shilpa Shetty was a rangeela riot. 

“It was my best Holi ever till date. I had always dreaded being thrown into the colour tub but here I was drenched from top to toe thanks to Abhishek. Unfortunately my sister Shamita has this skinallergy so she could not make it. So I guess I had to make up for her. Yes I did have a bit of bhaang (which hit me) but I was not knocked out,” giggled Shilpa.

“When it comes to being a perfect host nobody can beat Amitji who personally looked after every guest with such humility and himself got swathed in wet colour,” said Hrithik who had come with biwi Suzanne.

“Every year on Holi I would be shooting and could never indulge in the fun, but this time I made it a point to attend the Bachchan holi hungama. It was crazy because Abhishek picked me up like I was a heroine, swirled me around and then dropped me into the tub. Holi ho toh aisi!”