Beware of Hrithik's Anger

Published On: 2012-05-01

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Beware of Hrithik's Anger

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Hrithik Roshan is one of the most approachable stars in Bollywood. He proved this once again recently when at a Seagram party, where designer Rocky S was displaying his collection; Hrithik interacted with his fans by posing with them for photographs and signing autographs.

But while he was getting down the stairs with wife Sussanne, he spotted a little child, who was left alone and had suffered a fall. Hrithik stopped, helped the child and then asked angrily about the parents who had abandoned the little one. Little did Hrithik realize that the child's father was nearby busy taking pictures of the kid with Hrithik. 

This made the Koi Mil Gaya star angry and he curtly told the father of the little boy to be more responsible. He added that the picture was not important, as the child was hurt. "If you would have asked me to pose, I would have! But its not right to leave your kid alone," Hrithik said to the kid's father. He cooled down quickly and posed gladly with the boy.