Kids go 'Yahoo' as Hrithik weaves his 'Jadoo'

Published On: 2012-05-08

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Kids go 'Yahoo' as Hrithik weaves his 'Jadoo' at Afternoon House!

Date: November 24, 2003 

There's always a lull before the storm. On Saturday at 11 a.m., the Nanabhai Lane was like any of those myriad Fort 'gullies' with the usual hustle-bustle of officegoers. As the clock struck 12, a mob (amid heavy police bandobast) began to crowd the lane opposite our archaic edifice. The scene resembled a picnic spot with excited parents holding cameras and waterbottles as their bubbling little ones stood restlessly with pens and autograph books waiting for their icon to meet them and make their day! 

As the DJ blared numbers from Koi... Mil Gaya, the kids were in for a pleasant surprise as a mammoth 'Jadoo' emerged from Afternoon House to dance with them to the song (of the same name) from the first superhit of 2003. Farzana Contractor, Afternoon CEO, gave away chocolate hampers and music cassettes as prizes to the best dancers, and Camy wafers and Manickchand Oxyrich water to the hungry and thirsty. Updates about Hrithik's journey to Afternoon House were made on the public address system at regular intervals - Juhu, Dadar, Worli, Peddar Road, and as soon as we had announced Marine Drive, a wave of euphoria began to get the better of the burgeoning gathering. 

Nanabhai Lane from Akbarallys leading to Afternoon House, which was closed to all other vehicular traffic, was the cynosure of all eyes, and soon enough, a dazzling golden vehicle rolled in. A pink-looking wonderboy in smart glares, casual jeans and a partially unbuttoned white shirt emerged like a towering icon as the frenzy among the crowd multiplied by ten. Hrithik went up to the kids looking amazed, flashed his mint-fresh smile, and conquered the mike, "You guys are soooo sweeeet, I want to give you all a big hug!"

He was promptly whisked into the building where he first met the Afternoon family on the first floor and then the select winners of an Afternoon contest on the second floor. The kids couldn't believe their luck on being seated at the same table as Hrithik as he affectionately spoke to each one of them while painstakingly autographing his pictures, books and T-shirts. Signing 'Keep Smiling!', 'Be good' and 'Trust in God', he revealed that the first time he ever signed an autograph, these words just came out. "Since then, I've stuck to them, because I deeply believe them," he smiled.

The kid who had Hrithik 'zapped' was a little rotund girl (Insiyaah) who had brought him a friendship band and even written a short and sentimental poem for him. A smart and observant Sophiya wanted to know why he was wearing his shirt ulta. "You know," replied the super star, "I myself am wondering, but dear, this is what fashion has turned into now!" From time to time, Hrithik went to the window and said 'Hi' to the Afternoon readers who were anxiously waiting for their hero to come down. 

While asking the children their favourite songs and shots of his films, Hrithik interacted with all of them, commenting, "They are such dolls. I wonder what I've done to deserve such adulation from children. None of my films are directly targetted at them, and yet they make me feel so special." He also signed the youngest fan, four-year-old Shonel's special T-shirt with his picture on the front. The oldest lucky winner, 28-year old Hartaj Dhatt, was in a trance. The finale was a question from a young boy, "Did you cry when Jadoo was going away on the alien ship?" "Oh yes," came the reply, "I cried very much!"

The television channels (Aaj Tak, NDTV, In Mumbai) grabbed exclusive bytes of tinsel-ville's Rohit thanking Afternoon and talking about his love for children with a picture of our content-looking Busybee in the background. "This is a special event organised by the Afternoon, giving me a chance to connect with my fans. They have given such sweet messages, I feel so loved, I hope this continues," he said. 

The next lot of children was already waiting on the steps (across two floors) in queue. Hrithik gave away posters and booklets of Koi... Mil Gaya to some of them, and personally (and patiently) signed autographs for the swelling crowd. After almost an hour-and-a-half of being with his fans, he made his way to the exit as a 600-plus strong crowd (thankfully under police control) charged for his car! 

For a minute, we thought that that was the end of his golden gaadi, but when he managed to drive through carefully and comfortably, and out of Nanabhai Lane, we were sure that our golden boy had left us with golden memories that still linger in our passageways. And then we discovered his message in Farzana Contractor's visitors book, saying, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Can't thank you guys enough. It's one of the sweetest memories. Afternoon rocks!!"

It did on Saturday. 


Hrithik comes to Afternoon House

Date: November 24, 2003 

Hrithik Roshan came to Afternoon House on Saturday to keep a long-standing date with his fans and Afternoon readers. 

His visit was like the last day of school! Hundreds of children came to meet their hero accompanied by parents who were fans too. The pictures show Farzana Contractor, Afternoon CEO, welcoming Hrithik to Afternoon House. 

And the superstar with young readers who won an Afternoon contest to spend 15 minutes exclusively with him. Report and more pictures on Pages 12 and 13. Readers who want copies of their pictures with Hrithik are invited to get in touch with Bernadette D'Silva (2287 1616) at this office. 

A Few Stray Thoughts

By: Farzana Contractor 
Date:November 22, 2003 

It was more than three years ago that I first met Hrithik Roshan. It was when he was absolutely at the peak of his popularity. Happy and joyous and basking in the well-earned and much-deserved glory of his first film Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

I don't know how, but my office had managed to fix an appointment with him at a time when it was impossible for anyone to meet him. I was told his Dad was an Afternoon fan. How good. And today the son visits Afternoon House. Even better.

When I met Hrithik at his house at an unearthly hour for a film star (10 a.m.), I have to confess I was taken aback. He walked into the den, shyly almost, in rumpled tracks and a black sleeveless T-shirt. He looked too thin, small and was most unassuming. Not at all what I was expecting: a bratty star son. Yes he was adorable and he graced the cover of the third issue of UpperCrust which I may needlessly add, was completely sold out.

In the intervening years I kept track of him. And when I would bump into him at the odd function now and then, I'd notice he was full of good manners, awfully polite, very charming.

There are things I appreciate about this young gent. Like the kind of feeling and regards he has for his parents. His love, respect and pride for them is very apparent. I like the fact that he married the girl he fell in love with when he was a teenager, and married without much fuss or fear of ruining his career.

I appreciate his humility, his down to earthness. I think there is a sincerity about him which is what sees him through. This guy is far from false. You can see it in his melting eyes.

Also there is something about him and God. His thoughts always dwell on God. That may be because God dwells a lot in him. I remember in answer to an UpperCrust question he had replied, "For fab abs and perfect pecs anyone can workout in a gym, but for the rest there is God." And when he was autographing his photograph for my niece, who was all of 5 years of age, he first asked me her name and then wrote, "Dear Zahra, be good and always believe in God."

And I recently read somewhere a magazine asking him to give five reasons to believe God exists, and Hrithik answers, "Why, I could give you a dozen..."

Oh yes, here is a good human being, with his heart in the right place. I appreciate that he is taking time off to come to Afternoon House today to meet his fans and our readers.

Have a nice day Hrithik, we sure will. 

Questions for Hrithik:

Date: November 21, 2003 


What other roles is he currently doing after posing as a mentally challenged in Koi Mil Gaya and a lover boy in Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

PRAPTI ACHARYA, Chartered accountant

I would ask Hrithik that what prompted him to do the role of a mentally challenged person in Koi Mil Gaya.


I would ask him whether he can do at least one film with me.


I would ask him what are his plans after his acting career. Will he follow in his father's footsteps or look for other avenues.


I would like to ask him that how does he balance his personal and professional life.