Hrithik Leads Extravaganza in UK

Published On: 2012-05-11

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Hrithik Leads Asian Extravaganza in UK

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan led a three-day Asian lifestyle and culture extravaganza here over the weekend. The event, at the National Exhibition Centre, was billed as the biggest indoor celebration of Asian lifestyle and culture in Britain. Called Mela 2004 , the event got underway on Friday, giving visitors the chance to experience the latest in Asian fashion, food and entertainment. Hrithik appeared on stage together with Indian dancers and bhangra musicians from across the country. 


Visitors were able to taste food prepared by top chefs and experience various therapies, including traditional ayurvedic treatments. Managing director Raj Ghai said: "The event was about celebrating the success of the Asian community, people making their mark and reaching their full potential, so we brought together employers like West Midlands Police who are on the lookout for recruits." "The force is supportive towards making the police representative of its community," Ghai added.