Craze 2004 Press Conference

Published On: 2012-05-16

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Craze 2004 Press Conference

Are you still making a film with Aishwarya Rai?
HR: Yes, at present I am in discussion to make a film with her, but there are still no concrete plans yet.

How do you prepare for such a show?
HR: It is 20 ongoing days of hard work, to put on such a show.

Is it true that you were threatened the previous year and that for this reason the show was canceled?
HR: No, that was only rumors. I have not been threatened. There were problems within the organization. A couple days before my departure date I was rung and told that because of technical problems within the organization, the show could not continue.

In contrast to the Western, have Bollywood always included their complete family members in the crew of a film. How is that?
HR: Is that question for me?
SAK: We are here with some of our family members.
HR: (to the person asking the question): What do you mean exactly? Me and my pa?
SAK: This is a ridiculous question which I have ever heard. I have been in the industry for 12 years and have never heard such a stupid question.
HR: But will you answer him? Eh, generally we do not take along our family. I am here however, with the love of my life Suzanne.
SAK: You must realize that we are gone from our families for a long time. It is obviously pleasant for us to have our partners with us.

Hrithik, are you still planning to make a film with your father? 
HR: Of course I'll gladly want to, why not? I hope that he still intends to cast me in the lead (laughs)

Are there certain roles which you would like to play?
HR: Yes, I would like to do a 100% negative role.

You can dance considerably well; do you plan to establish a dancing school?
HR: I have never had that question asked before. I will have to think about that.
SAK: I would however submit an application!
HR: Honestly I have never considered it. But thanks for the compliment! I think I would like to be a member too!