Hrithik-Aishwarya Come together

Published On: 2012-05-18

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Heart-throbs 2004 –Hrithik-Aishwarya Come together


Source: IT
On Monday, Aishwarya Rai will join forces with Hrithik Roshan, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley and Fardeen Khan for a function titled 'Heartthrobs To Leave You Breathless' at the NEC Arena. 

"I haven't been to Birmingham in a while," Aishwarya told the local media. "The last time was in 1999 when the movie Taal premiered in the UK. 

"I was on a tour at that time, so it's quite exciting to come back as so much has changed since then. 

"I'm excited about the show, about coming back to England, and I'm looking forward to a great tour," she adds. "I hope everyone will come out to support us." 

Hrithik said: "I'm very grateful for the response I've already received this year for my film and am looking forward to seeing fans again on the road. 

"The last time I came to Birmingham I was overwhelmed with the support and love of my well wishers. I hope I can live up to their expectations." 

Celina Jaitley, who starred in her debut film Janasheen opposite Fardeen Khan, says: "I'm very excited as this is my first world tour. 

"The tour is called Breathless which is what I hope to leave my fans when they come and see me!"