Breathless 2004 Review: London UK

Published On: 2012-05-22

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Breathless 2004 Review: London, UK

By: Dufan Jessica

The show was supposed to start at 7:30 but they didn’t let us into the arena until 7:30 so it ended up starting at 8:15. It wasn't totally sold out, probably about 75% sold which was a shame. i think this was because the tickets were overpriced!!

BTW the order of below may be slightly wrong because i was too excited at the time and dont remember much of the others stuff since i was waitng for Hrthik too come on!!!

Celina started off with a her number, then i think lara came on. She did her aisa jadoo dala re...it was done very well and she looked stunning. Afte her i think Sunudhi came on and sang some songs....after which ash came on. she started of with the deeva dance from devdas then did dola re dola...she looked amazing.....and the crowd hit the roof.

I knew Fardeen had fractured his leg....but wasnt sure if he was going to come to the concert..But he was soo sweet he came on (in pain)on crutches and sat on a chair in the middle of the stage...he looked soo cute. he then gave people the chance to ask him personal questions about himself....but all people kept asking was.....will u marry me?....can i have your phone number...which was cute because you could tell he was embarrased by the questions!!!! 

FINALLY FINALLY HRITHIK CAME ON approximately 1 hour after the show started. the lights came up and there he was with his back to us wearing a black suit and hat (michael jackson style) OMG HE LOOKING OUT OF THIS WORLD). he turned around and the crowd went crazy. He through his hat on the floor and took his jacket off. he was wearing black pants and a black vest....his muscles...AAHHH...He did a quick solo dance by himself....wow can he dance or what!!!!. He then started with its magic and looked sooo cute!!! At the end he turned around so he had his back to us and took his vest off slowly, and slowly started to turn around....but just as he was coming to face the audience the lights went down.....he then came on wearing a black jacket half zipped up so you could kind off see his chest and started talking to the crowd...he was soo sweet...the poor guy was out off breathe and with a drink in one hand and the mic in other other gave a little thank you speech for making this the best year of his life...so cute..

After this sunidhi came back on and started singing some songs....then hrithik and ash came on together for the first time ever with "Strength (Hrithik) Vs Beauty (Ash)." they first danced separately as in hrithik, ash, hrithik, ash.(they played parts of each of thier songs....Hrthik as usual was fantastic...putting in 200%. Ash looked stunning as well, and you could tell she was putting in a lot of effort.

After this fardeen came on again...and sat back down on his "chair". he then gave people the oppurtunity to come on stage and dance with celina and lara. with celina an old man came and with lara there was a little 9 year old boy...he was soo cute..

sunidhi came on for the final time and then they had the grand finali. this was done differently with the 4 of them together with the chorographer Ganesh Hedge (i think thats his name!!) taking Fardeens place. they danced to romantic music from the 50's right up to the present day....it was cute hrithik changed his clothes about 4 0r 5 five times and one of hrithik and ash's songs they did together was wada raha from khakhee....they danced amazingly and any girl watching would have wished they were ash at that moment!!!! 

Sajid Khan hosted the entire show cracking jokes and being funny as usual.

BTW they showed a small clip of lakshya.

Personally i think the Heartthrobs concert was organised better. However Hrithik alone was amazing...he danced fantastically and he looked out of this world. 

Hope the rest of you going to see it have as good a time as i did.

p.s. i will get the photos developed as soon as possible and try to put them up however i dont think many of them came out since it was so dark and i kept forgetting to put the flash on...but lets just keep the fingers crossed!!

Review # 2

By: Dufan Zish

I won't go through everything, just the bits that stuck in my mind.

As Jessica said the show started a little late. They didn't open the auditorium doors because apparently they were still rehearsing.

It all pulled together really well, good timing and flow. The show was pretty much non-stop. The thing that struck me was that all the stars looked very good in real life (especially Celina, yum yum) Sajid presented extremely well, he was fun to watch and his witty comments were entertaining. He came down into the audience and asked questions, if you got chosen and answer correctly you got to go back stage and meet the stars. Damn I never got picked 

Celina's performance wasn't that good she didn't really seem to be into it. Celina got a little lost towards the end of the show and forgot some of the moves. It doesn't matter though; she made up for it by looking FINE.

Lara was good! She put in a lot of effort. I got lucky, at the end when they were taking there bows and stuff, she looked directly at me and was waving and blowing kisses for ages. At first, I thought she was doing it to someone else, but there wasn't anyone else in that direction and I was only about 6-8 feet away from her. 

Sunidhi came on and sung some of her famous songs. She performed well while singing. Her voice is good, and she is pretty.

I felt really sorry for Fardeen. He must have put in a lot of effort preparing but as everyone knows, couldn't perform. Like Jessica already said he struggled on stage and let people ask him questions. The some idiots asked him some pathetic questions, and he got a bit fed up and said you missed your chance to get to know me better. Oh well.

Well now for the main two. As soon as Ash came on the whole place went crazy, all us guys were goin mad. She looks exactly as she does on screen, she had all the same expressions as she danced. I couldn't believe that she was actually standing there about forty feet in front of me. Then the main man, Hrithik. Damn all hell broke loose, the girls near me almost made me deaf. Well he didn't disappoint, he done a few numbers then talked for awhile. He was saying something about him being here in 1994 watching another concert and wondering if he would ever get half of that attention, and then he thanked everyone. Later he and Ash perform together, very cool pair. I managed to get right up close to the stage for a few minutes and see them life size. The finale was very different. They went through songs from the 50s/60s, 70s/80s and present. Apparently it was exclusive to London, dunno!

At the end my sister and I tried to get back stage but the security weren't having it, and we got kicked out. Then we went around to the back exit, like Jessica. There were quite a few people there waiting for the stars to come out. Anyway, I got a good look at all their faces as they drove out, especially Lara and Ash. Everyone swamped the cars so they couldn't leave, the drivers almost drove through us. I felt like paparazzi because I had my camera pressed against the window and the security were pushing me away. It was a good laugh, and a good close to the night.

Overall I agree with Jessica about the organization, but that only about the crowd organization. I feel that the show itself was BETTER than the 2002 heartthrobs. Not only were the performances better, but also the technical aspects: lighting, sound and timing. I didn't get bored at any part of the show, and the atmosphere was electric! The auditorium was large; from where I was seated it seemed packed and everyone seemed to love the show. It was a BIG SUCCESS!!!

There is so much more that happened; I'll let you all know as I remember.

For those that won't get to go, I took a lot photos (about 100-150) some nice ones. Also, some video clips. I'll upload them as soon as
I have them sorted. 

Thank you so much Jessica and Zish for your wonderful reviews!