Breathless 2004: Rizwan's Review

Published On: 2012-05-26

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Breathless Review

By dufan Rizwan

Here is my review of the concert:

Well overall I think the concert was a success, with all the beauty queens and Hrithik the actual heartthrob there. The performances of Hrithik & Ash were fabulous but the rest were a bit slacking, especially Celina. Sajid Khan was funny at times & I think he wasted too much time in the crowd. Lara was pretty impressive and Fardeen was excellent with his speeches. Felt sorry for Fardeen as he had fractured his foot, so could not perform. The lighting and fireworks of the show were dazzling, but the organisation was a bit poor. I think there were too many songs covered in a short period of time and it looked rushed. Hrithik looked in great shape, really bulky compared to Heartthrobs 2002. So expect a really big Hrithik in Lakshya ;-)

Hrithik's entrance was the best, proper Micheal Jackson style. When Hrithik flung his hat to the crowd - I was taking a photo and guess what, it went about a metre over my head, I had a good chance to catch it. The dance moves hrithik done were very good and the man behind Hrithik's dancing, Ganesh Hedge was on the scene too. He was a good dancer obviously himself and a smart guy. 

The jodi of Hrithik & Ash will definately click I think, after watching them on stage together, it looked better than hrithik and kareena. My overall rating of the concert was 7/10 but 5/10 compared to the 2002 concert. The 2002 one will be more memorable because of the good organisation and hit numbers that were covered by Hrithik, Arjun, Kareena and Karishma. 

Here is more news, I came in the local newspaper in Birmingham in a crowd photo. With my Hrithik cap on. So I was happy about that.