Breathless 2004: Saha's Review

Published On: 2012-05-29

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Breathless 2004 Concert

Location: Washington DC
By: Saha (HrithikRules Team Member)

The show was supposed to start at 8:00 but there was a huge line in all 4 exits at 6:00. It was raining. So they decided to let us go in at 6:30. We went inside and they still hadn't set up the stage or anything. So we were just walking around. Then at 7:30 they let us go inside the arena itself but they were still working on lights, stage set-up and other stuff. There was so much noise, smell, smoke, light. These were all giving me a headache. all these people were moving around. it was 8:20 and they still hadn't started the show. People were yelling 'anyone home' 'should i go and dance' 'what are they doing'? Finally a girl came and danced. she wasn't part of breathless but they got her to fill in till everything is ready. but 8:40 the stadium was 99.9% full. There were thousands of people. I didn't expect this. Every seat was full except the last rows. It was a pleasure to see so many Indians. It was just simply great. Just to let you know that my seats were fantastic. I was a few feet away from the stage. Then they talked about the organizer and the breathless concert. They introduced each star and when it came to Hrithik. they showed the scene in fiza where he is getting ready for his mission. The scream, the cheers he got was amazing. Anyways, the show started with Celina performing to a jansheen song. I forgot which one it was. She impressed me. She is quite good for a newcomer with only one movie released. 

Then sajid khan appeared on stage. He is the funniest. if there was a best host award, he
deserves it. He had the audience going. Everyone was laughing. He sure made the concert a joy. Then he introduced Lara as one of the most beautiful girl in India. 

Lara came and danced to the same song as she did in the zee awards. She was looking confident. After that Sajid appeared in the audience. He asked people questions and whoever got it right won a poster of Ash signed by ash herself. The questions were really easy. Then he went on stage and he talked about Ash and then Ash came. She danced to a Devdas song. She looked as she does on Screen. Even though I am a fan of Ash, I didn't even clap. I was getting ready for Hrithik. After Ash finished she talked and she said that it is the audience that has her going. She wouldn't be where she is without her fans. She thanked everyone. Then she explained what happened with Fardeen. And Fardeen came. He just sat and he is so funny. I mean he did offend some people but i quite liked the way he answered some questions. One girl asked him how he got hurt and he is like "Hrithik did it cuz he was jealous of me dancing so good" So many people went on stage, hugged him, got his autograph. After him, Sajid khan again appeared on the audience and asked questions about Hrithik and Shaan. Whoever got it right won jadoo and a cd of the concert. Probably it was the one in U.K. 

Then shaan came and sang songs from the hit numbers like DCh songs, Khnh, kuch na kho and other movies. he is a great singer. Finally Sajid appeared on stage asking, "who is that swept all the best actor awards with his first movie?" "who is it that got best actor and best critics actor for his last movie?" "Who is that when he dances, people wonder if he is for real?" "Who is it that people fell in love with him not just once but twice?" and every time he asked the audience screamed HRITHIK ROSHAN!!!! 

Then the audience was screaming "WE WON HRITHIK" Sajid is like let see how loud Washington D.C. is. The back ppl were really loud but vip and others were asleep. At least it looked like that. And I was sitting where the children were or high age. So every time I yelled "we won Hrithik" Everybody in my section would look at me as if I someone crazy. Then Hrithik came from the top. I felt as I was flowing in the air. I myself lost my voice and got myself a soar throat. I had never yelled that loud. I was basically on cloud nine. To see him a few feet away from me was just amazing. Hrithik danced to its magic My dad was amazed by the way he dances. I mean really, I was wondering if he is for real?!?! I think this is his best performance yet. I mean more better than the award ceremonies and the movies. it is hard to describe someone like Hrithik. I was having a total blast. Then after its magic he danced to "Ek pal ka Jeena" and oh my god. Vip ppl woke up. Finally. They started clapping and dancing with him. Some were standing on their seats. Some were yelling. The back people were trying to get close to just get a close glimpse of their idol. After Hrithik went, we were screaming "we want him back" and sajid is like if it is that then here is Hrithik again. and Hrithik came back in a different outfit. he preformed to some more songs and took his shirt off. Woahhhhhhhhhhhhh! By the way Tani, Wati, Vani and Payal. Guys, he has no hair.(Note: thanks for the special mention saha) It is totally clean. And was he look hot or what? I didn't hear what he said. I was screaming way too loud to hear what he would say. The people who were sitting around me were holding their ears. So i had to be quite for a while to respect them. I mean they had to enjoy the show too. And there was one point where Hrithik looked right at me. It is cuz I was probably creating a scene. I yelled, "i love you" when he was talking. 

Anyways, he went and shaan came again and some songs. 

Then Fardeen came and picked people to dance with Lara and Celina. And again Hrithik and Ash came with the dance competition. the chemistry was fab!!! i need to see them in a movie. I mean the response they got was magical. 

It was great to witness those two dancing together. Then Shaan came and danced. After that Ganesh came with his troop and Then there was grand finale of them dancing from 50's to now. Hrithik was in stage the most of the time. it was a total four hour show. It was just simply great. I was so having a blast. By the way, i wasn't left breathless but with a soar throat. Lol.
Sorry if i bored you to death cuz i probably did. 

P.s. after they did the final dance, they danced one at a time and gosh, each one of them is a great dancer!!! They were the best team ever!!! And then Hrithik talked again and he said how great ganesh is and how fab singer shaan is and how great host sajid is... I couldn't clearly hear what he said with all the cheers and the song and people leaving. Then Hrithik threw six hearts to the audience. I got a pic of him when he was looking right at us. But i didn't manage to get the heart. Hrithik is a great pitcher by the way. Probably with playing cricket when he was younger. 

Some things to remember from the concert.

1- when Fardeen came back to pick ppl from the audience to dance with Lara. Sajid was like "who want to come on stage, raise your hand?" and all the girls stood and sajid is like "i have one word for the girls, SIT DOWN!!!" that was soooooooo funny.

2- when sajid was asking the audience which movie was ash in which was a south Indian. A girl answered the question and sajid was like "you are absolutely......." the girl was so happy that she got it right but then sajid was like "....WRONG"

3- When Hrithik entered from the top. The excitement. I could never forget that moment. It is just stored in the back of my mind.

4- The chemistry between ash and Hrithik. the scream from the audience. i couldn't believe it was for real. 

5- When my friends and my parents were really wondering if Hrithik really danced like that. it was so unrealistic. i don't think anyone could dance like that in history of Indian cinema. It left everyone shocked.

The lights, sound, the technology everything was superb!!!! it was far best than any award ceremonies i have watched. It was totally awesome.