Hrithik Roshan, Isha Sharvani to play Hide-n-Seek

Published On: 2012-06-17

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Hrithik Roshan, Isha Sharvani to play Hide-n-Seek

Source: Dna India
Aliya Rashid 
Date: 31 January, 2006

MUMBAI: Parle Products has signed actors Hrithik Roshan and Isha Sharvani for endorsing its chocolate-chip premium biscuit brand Hide-n-Seek. 

Sources said the actors will do a special commercial for the Valentine Day. 

This ad is following a broad shift in the company’s biscuit branding strategy as it comes on the heels of the ‘anti-Marie Bureau’ Kajol ad campaign for Marie digestive biscuits. Officials at Parle, however, declined to comment on the development. 

Industry experts believe that a Bollywood star like Hrithik Roshan will up the quotient on the premium brand Hide-n-Seek, targeting a whole new consumer base. 

Using Bollywood actors helps to draw in the 18-25 age group, expanding their market base as well as giving Hide-n-Seek an edge over other biscuits brands. In addition, having two of the best dancers in Bollywood perform for your product is a definite audience pleaser. 

A choreographer has been flown down from London to direct Roshan and Sharvani for the dance steps in the spot. The teasers for the campaign will go up within the next week, with the main commercials coming out around middle to late February. 

The media mix will include both TVC and outdoor advertisements on billboards.Parle’s other biscuit products also include Parle G, Monaco, Krack Jack, Sixer and Hide-n-Seek. Parle claims it has a 40% share in the biscuit market.