P's Diary: Please Say No to piracy!

Published On: 2012-03-26

Author: unknown

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At the onset, sorry to be late with my diary this month, I have been extremely busy for the past few weeks.

But the recent rumour, have woken me from my slumber!

The RUMOURS of KMG pirated DVD out in the market has shocked and angered me to say the least.

Pirate - we all know what it means "copy illegally", "Lift".

Piracy is a global menace. From sites like Kazalite and Napster one can even download and share MP3 and DVD rip-offs.

We have had an occasional sci-fi film in Indian cinema, but the genre is relatively unexplored.

The recent sci-fi bengali film Patalghar is in the news, and now we have the soon to be released Koi Mil..Gaya. KMG boasts of great production values and some superb performances by the artistes.

The pre-release reports of KMG from various sources, suggests that it has some amazing SFX (special effects) Alien and spaceship designs, all relatively new to Indian cinema. 

Watching KMG in pirated would be like watching the likes of MATRIX in our Television sets. 

These films are designed for big screen theatre viewing with appropriate VISUAL and SOUND effects and designs. KMG supposedly falls in that category, with some strong emotional tracks.

I hope the PIRATED KMG DVD in market IS a RUMOUR and just remains a RUMOUR!

And if its true, then hope the local authorities grab them and they are punished!

Or atleast some telephone numbers and email ids are made public, 

where cinegoers and DuFans can lodge or report their complaints.

Guys, Please make sure your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, watch KOI MIL GAYA only at your nearest theatres.

"Word of Mouth" is as great a tool as the "Power of pen"!



Watch ONLY in the Theatre or Original VHS/DVDS!