What does Hrithik need to improve? A Hrithik Rules Exclusive

Published On: 2012-03-31

Author: Dufan Saha

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Hrithik is a talented actor and works really hard but that doesn't mean that he is a perfect actor. There are some things that he needs to improve. And with the help of Dufans, I was able to list some things that Hrithik needs to work on. 

Fashion. Fashion is a major thing for actors. The way they look and dress are the most important things. Hrithik admits that he doesn't know anything about fashion, which is why he has Rocky S. on-screen and Suzanne off-screen to help him. 

Rocky S. has been his designer for four years now and for the past four years, Hrithik has wore the same type of outfits. Rocky is a talented designer but lets not forget the fact that we all would have the same type of idea for along time. So, Rocky has had Hrithik dress the same way for four years, the same old jeans with long sleeve shirts. So I think now it is time to go for a change. I am not saying that he needs to get another designer. NOOOO, not that but what I am saying is that lets go for a change. Let’s try something new. Don't you all agree?

Comedy Timing. Hrithik needs professional help with that. "Bunty Aur Babli" is the movie that we are all focusing on. We all know that Hrithik has read half of the script and he has liked it. Lets not judge a movie from its title but we know that "Bunty Aur Babli" is a comedy movie. As someone already said that Hrithik needs to learn how to act in a comedy role. It is totally true. Hrithik is not good when it comes to comedy. 
It was clear for us when we watched "Mpkdh" (Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon). 
Hrithik loves to do a comedy role but he doesn't know how to act in it. Some want him to sign "Bunty Aur Babli" and some don't. I strongly think that Hrithik shouldn't sign the movie until he learns how to act in a comedy movie. But we all want something different so maybe signing the movie would be a good thing. Who knows? It will probably do well in Box Office. But after "Mpkdh" I don't think that it would be a good decision to sign the movie. It is not going to work.

Movie Choice. The way you dress is important but the thing that is more important than that is the movies you pick. Hrithik hasn't signed any movie for the past two years but has read tons of scripts. Some are confused especially me. Why? At first Hrithik signed every movie that came his way and now he is not signing any movie. What is up with that? At the start of his career he said that he wanted to follow Amair khan's path. Well, Aamir Khan has been in the industry for a long time now, and I personally think that now is too early for Hrithik. So I think it would be good if Hrithik signs a movie NOW with a good script rather than waiting. If Lakshya doesn't do well, then the directors are not going to go to him. Second, if he waits around for another Rohit Mehra role, then it is going to be for a long time. And we Dufans want to see more of Hrithik, we miss him and a movie a year is not enough. WE WANT MORE. Lol. Sorry about that. But, it is true. Hrithik, I am not telling you to sign any movie that comes your way and I am not telling you to sign one movie a year. At least two movies each year. Now that is fair! Isn't it? Also, we would really appreciate it if Hrithik signs a movie where he would have to play a villan role. He is really good at that and we want to see him as a bad guy more than anything."