Inside Look at HrithikRules - A Fan's Perspective

Published On: 2012-04-01

Author: Dufan Saha

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A fan site is a website of a particular star run by their dedicated fans. It contains everything you want to know about that person including- profile, family, interviews, movies, photos, wallpaper, lyrics, awards, forthcoming films and so on.

Not only does a fan site provide all the goodies on a star, it also makes available a place for the fans to meet and share their opinions and views on the particular star. I am writing this, to thank every fan website on the net for all their hard work and to let them know that we appreciate everything they do. I don’t regularly visit other sites but the one place that I make sure to visit everyday is and ANEWFACE Club, a club of Dufans, by Dufans for Dufans 

Looking at what is available at HrithikRules, it is obvious that the HrithikRules team members really work hard and try their best to provide us with one amazing DuExperience. Site visitors can get all the recent news they want about Hrithik Roshan – our Duggu at one place. They don’t have to waste any time and search the net for articles. When asked to Wati, an ANEWFACE member about what the site/club means to her, “It is my only lifeline to the DuWorld,” is what she replied. The site is updated about two or three times a day. What really surprised me was the other day; I learned that a few members of an ANEWFACE finance it alone. Can you believe that? Most fan sites that I know of are sponsored. 

Getting all the scope on Hrithik Roshan is one thing that you get from visiting HrithikRules, but at the same time it is also a learning experience. There is a lot to learn from our idol. There are quotes the site carries out each day that are meant to inspire and encourage everyone. You could even help out with the site and learn about running a website from the openhanded moderators. 

If you are a Dufan and you live in a place where there are not that many Dufans around, then the HrithikRules associated group is definitely the place for you. It is a place where people of all religions, regions, cultures, age groups and genders come together. We have members who are software engineers, engineers, product manager, English professors and even ambassadors. Conversely, we also have members who are graduates, students and/or housewives. 

We are all one big Dufamily. Be it rain or sunshine, we are always there to support our idol ‘Hrithik Roshan’ as well as each other. It is so magical to see how strangers can become so close and be part of this family. It is a special bond that has been created and which is meant to be everlasting.

However, I have to admit that ANEWFACE is one of the craziest groups of people I have come across with. Everything is discussed - from movies to animals to sports to personal life, and it’s all filled with hilarity. It is the most wonderful place for a Dufan to be. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The credit goes to the members for being so caring and helpful. 

At Anewface we share more in common than just being a fan of Hrithik. We are also there to support when one is in trouble. You can always count on your DuFriends to help you when you need it, solve your problems, be there for you or simply just bring a smile to your face so you don’t have to go through the problems alone.

All my friends at Anewface have become a part of my life. A few days back, I was busy and I wasn’t able to visit the club. I became restless and I realized that a day wouldn’t pass by without me visiting there or the site. I have become attached. I want to thank everyone from the moderators to members for their hard work. We truly appreciate it.J

Scroll down to read what the site/club means to ANEWFACE members and what they get besides DuScope: 

I get lots and lots of warmth and friendship :D I've not been here long but it seems like I've been a part of it since its birth.
Dufans here are amazing!! If only I could meet people as wonderful as them out of cyberspace. In the few months I've been here, I've developed close friendship with quite a few and I am thankful for that. I know I can find comfort and support here that are as genuine as those I get from my own family. I hope that some time in the future I will get to meet all you wonderful people that have made my days so much brighter. Thank you all!! :D 

I don’t remember exactly when I joined this club. I think I joined when it started. So, I have been around for a while, but not until this past year have I had the most fun being here! I love the site because it is made from the hearts of Dufans.And the club? I LOVE the place! I have met so many wonderful people (and some crazy Dufans like me!) from around the world here. This place is like another home, another family to me. I'm just happy to be in a place where we can all share our interest in Hrithik Roshan. :) I also didn't realise that joining this group, will result with some close friendships. Well, I'm just glad to be a part of this Duworld! :D What would I do without 'ya guys?! Love ya!

What do I get from the group is family... My other family....who have been with me through thick and thin. Family who have supported and adored our boy the same way. I'm proud of you guys. Thank you. 

Well its an odd question at first but yeah if you think about it, I think we'll all answer the same way. Because its so true. Its the unlimited spirit of friendship and love for Duggu and for each other I find here. Its in the very air, the atmosphere! :D I mean, it isn't just facts and figures and articles, you can FEEL the LOVE, and DUSPIRIT here! That goodness Duggu promotes and practises is VERY MUCH Evident in the members here. We GENUINELY feel and treat each other like a second family because so STRONG is our bond that stems from our mutual admiration of this GREAT guy! Its like finding a whole group of people that are somewhat close to being soulmates! And this is despite the fact that, before you found the group, you felt nobdoy could really undestand you! :D Uff I don't think I made sense... :P

You made perfect sense :) It is so hard for me to explain to others (even my school friend who is now like a sister to me) why I spend so much time with the club and site... Specially considering I was never into bollywood while growing up. The main reason I took on the challenge last year was to keep this bond going and to spread it among others - specially since my daughter was also a part of this dufamily. My goal is really to make a small difference in all the fans who visit - touch someone (help/encourage) in some small way, maybe they will learn something from our boy (who makes it so easy by being such a great role model) or from all the members here.

Hi well ill be honest I wasn't and still am not such a big Bollywood fan, I’m just a huge Hrithik fan I would have never joined any sort of forum or anything last year just because I personally thought it was sad, until this year when I started feeling isolated because I live a life where at uni and work I never
ever talk about Hrithik no one knows I like him, at home my mum isn't a huge fan of Hrithik and would kill me if she found out I actually visit sites so I needed to visit forums to meet other people who share one of my biggest interest: HRITHIK!!!!!!!