Hrithik Getting Too Choosy?

Published On: 2012-04-02

Author: Saha

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Hrithik hasn't signed any new movies for almost two years now. He says that he wants stories that excite him. He has mentioned that in all his interviews in the past. He has said it is not that he was wants to do one film a year or have two years of gap between releases; he will even sign ten if they are all new concepts and something exciting. 

In point what Hrithik is doing is exactly right and what he should have done a long time ago. He shouldn't have agreed to do anything that came his way just because a big-banner was directing or that he didn't want to hurt the other's feeling. As he says he did the movies for the wrong reasons. Well, I am glad that he has realized it now. Better late than never.

Most say it is not safe for his career and he shouldn't follow Amir's path. Then what is safe? Movies like 'amall' 'mpkdh' 'yadieen' 'ntjnh'? I perfectly understand the choices Hrithik is making. He wants new things to be tried like a movie called "the net". Not the typical ones that has been done for over decades now. These days it is movies like "garv" 'dev" "khgn" "mhn" and so on. I don't know about others but I am very much tired of them. I was extremely happy when "phir milange" was done. A fresh story that has not been tried in Bollywood before. 

Unfortunately, many directors aren't taking that risk to do films like "phir milagne" or "kmg". They want to stick to the same old loves stories, same old Pak-India. Now who can blame Hrithik for this?

When I think about it, there are so many talented writers in India but where are their stories? How come they aren't exploring new genres of films?

Besides this, I have also heard so many fans complaining that Hrithik hasn't signed anything. We have every right to be angry but we got to give it a rest. Everyone was complaining when he was accepting offers that came his way and now that he is rejecting movies like 'mhn' 'hum tum' 'bunty aur babli' 'Manish Malhotra's debut' everyone is getting so angry. Do you want him to do Zayed's role in 'mhn' or Saif's in 'hum tum'?

It is not that Hrithik doesn't want to work with new-comer directors because he has also rejected big-banner producers like Yash Raj Films. He has learned from the past and for him it doesn't matter whom the banner is under. He did Lakshya which was Farhan's second movie. While at the same time, he also has done movies with Karan Johar, Subhash Ghai and Sooraj Bharjataya. 

In all yes, I really miss him and want to see him on screen very soon. But no matter how long it takes, I am ready to wait till a new idea is founded and there is something to be happy about. I certainly don't want to see him in the movies that he is being offered now. It would be great if he checks Hollywood. Unfortunately, he wants to stay in India so it will probably take 2-3 years before something is decided but until then we have Filmkraft's next and Shekar Kapur's 'paani' is still going on discussion. Let’s see what will happen.