Hrithik Roshan - Through a fan's perspective

Published On: 2012-03-17

Author: Saha

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It was January 2000, a new movie had released, “Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai” and a new star was born, “Hrithik Roshan”. There was so much hype around Hrithik, the overnight star, everything was basically out of control. I had watched the movie, but I was not impressed with Hrithik or the screenplay itself. The story line was nothing new; the performances were not that great with the exception of Hrithik. But actors come and go. The enthusiasm over him did not make sense at all. Wherever he went, he got mobbed. He made headlines in succession. Hundreds of people were waiting outside his house just to get a glimpse of him. I was 100% sure that he would get carried away by the success and I did not even bother to see would happen to him in the impending years. 

Weeks, months and a whole year had passed by. In April 2001, I got a hold of the 45th filmfare awards. I put it on, then started fast forwarding as nothing seemed interesting, but I paused when my eyes caught something. It was Hrithik on stage giving a speech. I was stunned by what I saw and I couldn’t believe what I heard. I had no clue that his father had got shot right after his success. Tears started running down my cheeks by knowing the pain he had gone through and especially when I heard the words “One day I couldn’t help but feel very alone”. I sighed a huge relieve after learning his father was well. But the pain in Hrithik’s eyes was unbearable. The speech he gave was very touching and his performance was amazing. It left my mouth wide open. The way his body moved to the tune of the music, it was hard to believe that he was dancing that remarkable on stage, that too live. I was not his only victim that night. I am sure that he left his mark around the globe in hearts of millions of people. After that, I decided to learn more about this amazing guy, and what I learned was incredible. 

Hrithik had always wanted to be an actor but he had faced some major problems in his life that would have held him back. He used to stammer and not only that, he was diagnosed with a bad case of scoliosis of the spine and a ruptured disc. Despite all these he was also very shy. But Hrithik is a fighter. He had overcome every problem that would have prevented him from getting close to and subsequently making his dream come true. 

Well, he did become a superstar but that had not changed him at all. He did not let the fame and success go into his head and change him as a person as I thought it would. He was that simple and the same human being as he was before. Hrithik is a guy with both feet on the ground and a very big heart. He never wants to hurt anyone. Not even his worst enemy. He is someone who wants to make everyone happy. He is also someone very modest. He was trying to make himself believe that he deserved both best debut and best actor in 2001 and also this year with receiving best actors critics and best actor. He is someone who has a lot of respect for others. Everyone who knows him has never found fault about him and they all love him very much. Whether it is friends, family or it is people from the industry. 

That was one of his reasons for his failure. He did not know how to say no. Everyone wanted him. Ads like Coca Cola and Hero Honda were able to have a piece of him. When entities could not, they decided to have a clone of him such as the Pepsi ad that did not even work. In spite of all that, there were also people who were against him, trying to put him down through for example the Nepal controversy that still remains a mystery, or the fabricated Hrithik Roshan-Kareena Kapoor affair. 

After the first two exhilarating years of his life in the industry, he got the taste of failure. His movies started to flop and he was labeled as finished, and a one film wonder. Since he knew it was coming, it did not hit him too hard. He was such an incredible human being that instead of getting upset he was thankful that it gave him another reason to fight harder and try to rise again. He took the negative comments with no offense. He knew that it was all part of the film business. He didn’t let it affect him at all. During that year, his fans stood thick by him. They knew that there was more to Hrithik. All he needed was a strong script. 

Dad Rakesh Roshan’s “Koi Mil Gaya” was exactly what was required for Hrithik to strike back again. A chance to prove to the world what he was capable of. He gave his heart and soul to the project and mentally transformed himself from a man to a boy. Since he is someone who works very hard to get things right and does not give up. It sure paid off. He proved that he was more than a one-film wonder. The critics had to eat their words. His acting was completely mind-blowing. The way he portrayed himself as a mentally challenged person was stupendous. 

We are his fans apart from the way he acts and dances but also for whom he is as a human being. We respect and admire him a lot for his individuality. He is a source of inspiration to millions of people around the world. Not only is he a role model to ordinary people, but also to the young actors who are approaching their fresh years in Bollywood. 

I have managed to list some of the extraordinary things that we love about him. One thing that I personally admire the most about him is that he is a fighter. He executes what it takes to make his dreams come true. We hope that our Duggu, a.k.a Hrithik Roshan, never changes. After interacting with other Dufans for a while, I have noticed that they have some of the same qualities as Hrithik Roshan. 

In short, Hrithik has touched many lives in the past four years and he is one of the best things that has happened to the Indian Film Industry.