Ode to HR

Published On: 2012-04-04

Author: Wati, Ankita Kapoor

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Ode to HR

Poem By Wati

It began three years ago
On my vacation in Singapore
Had no clue who Hrithik was
Couldn't see what was all the fuss
So he had one film to his name
"A fluke!" I'd remark of his fame
But then Fiza came along
And I started singing a different song
I was amazed at his performance
That I watched the film more than once
I had a strong feeling he's more than just a one hit wonder
That his fame wasn't just a blunder
He's a big star in the making
And in Bollywood he would be king
But what turned me into a Dufan
Was not the looks, but the man
His humility is what I most admire
To see him succeed is what I desire
His onscreen performances has never fail to impress me
So from now until forever a Dufan I'll be
He has my best wishes in career and in life
May he live happily ever after with his beautiful wife.


You are Superman!

Poem By Ankita Kapoor

For Several are your fans
You do the Advertisements for Coca-Cola cans
You did a hit
Just in the first bit
You got a beautiful chance
To do a mighty dance
You made everyone crazy
Michael Jackson went so lazy
For in the middle you went a bit low
But then you had another glow
No actor can beat you
No actor can defeat you
You are a Superman
Hrithik Roshan!