Hearthrobs Concert - Sept 2002

Published On: 2012-04-19

Author: Humera

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Humera relates getting up close and personal with Hrithik!

It all came bak to me now...i shud control before i literally start crying thats wat i said i was actually keep on kissing....stupid me lol my hands coz they smell so...good it was hrithik's smell yaar his hands were cold n sweaty probably coz of dancing so WELL he was on stage dancing until he asked some of the fans n actually pulled me in coz that dumb factor...the guard was there actually holding me behind the bars maybe coz i seemed to him the craziest fan n i might do 'sumthin' now i'm a nice achi pakki dufan wat wud i do??? huh!!!ok bak to the hand part n hold my hand actually i wasnt letting go of it n shook his right hands with the other 4 5 fans the lwft hand was for atleast 5 min were mine ..... mine n he was so so sos os so sweet that he gave me a smile narrowing his eyes which i know wat they meant 'so u wanna take my hand home eh?' lol n then said to me i'I LOVE U BABE' n he had to join karisma rite n actually waited for me fool to say sumthin but i was like frozen coz HRITHIK ROSHAN MY VERY OWN DUGGU WAS ACTUALLY HOLDING MY HAND oh my i was n when all he got from me was those teary smiles he had to join in n there i was holding my hands n i turned rite to the row where my whole family was watching me holding duggu's hands my lil sis was giving me those envying looks my mom had a wide grin on her face she knew how much i wanted this how long i had waited for this n bro was like lol bring that hand to me i'll preserve it in this condition was unbelievable n yes i didnt washed my hands that nite lol they had hrithiks toucn in soon as the concert was over n i called dad n i was crying that he hold my hand n my dad is like oye kaafi mehanga hogaya hai meri beti ka hath lol n the same nite at 1:00 pm i went my best friends house.....neighbor too n knocked at her window as she was already there waiting for me showing her my hand as if they were knew or i got mehendi on it or sumthin 'really special' yes it is really special after all they had holded HRITHIKS HANDS u know his left one yaar while i'm typing this i realized sumthin........i didnt paid attention to his rite hand i have never seen two thumb hand in real life.........shud have seen it...........hmmmm.....missed it......maybe next time lol oh plz plz i wish i cud c him again n this time no fanatic scene i wanna sit n have lunch with him hehe