Hrithik's Impact on lives overseas

Published On: 2012-04-20

Author: Parent of Dufan Jasmine

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Let me introduce myself a married man in Vancouver, Canada. People here are struggling in installing Indian culture in our kids. My daughter Jasmine and son Jessee who are 9 years and 11 years old respectively. I persuaded them in watching a film of Hrithik: 2 years ago and they have started watching Hindi movies ever since to my complete astonishment wearing Indian clothes and also started dancing to Hindi music, which they would always say Dad turn it off please. Now they are the ones turning it on. I made her a promise if she did good in school I would somehow arrange for her to meet Hrithik Roshan one day. I kid you not she has been getting straight A's ever since its a complete transformation.

Lucky for me he came to Vancouver on Sunday 2 days ago, I got back stage passes and was seated on the floor in the 6th row after the show started we weren't allowed to go back stage, I am looking at my daughter and feeling so disappointed, I kept looking at her face and for the first time in my life I felt so useless and helpless. Every time Hrithik came out I tried getting his attention with a poster in trying to get him to sign an autograph for my kids, so many people got invited on stage half my row tried to get his attention, it didn't happen.....

Then the most amazing thing happened behind us and a little to my right Suzanne ( Hrithik's Wife) was seated with a couple of friends I couldn't believe my eyes , I begin to think this couldn't be, it felt like divine intervention , I hesitated for a few minutes she was gone. It felt like death at his point and asked my self why didn't you talk to her, at this point I'm thinking I will go to India and take my daughter with me, but who am I kidding there must be millions who are trying to meet him and I haven't been to India in 25 years how am I ever gonna find him. I'm looking at my daughter and Hrithik is back on stage. I just said to God how am I gonna make this happen , I turned around there was Suzanne ...........I couldn't believe my eyes I kept looking and saying this cant be I kept blinking to focus eyes are a little watery I really wanted to make it a happen...

Now how do I approach her with a poster in my hand , I didn't want anyone else around her to know who she was and then she would get hassled and bombarded with requests, so I just rolled up my poster put my kids name's on the outside off the poster Jasmine and Jessee .

I went up to her talked to her she told me she will get it for me... Hrithik I talked to your wife I can see how you are so much in love with her you are so lucky in so many ways..... to have a partner like her.... I also got lucky in life when it comes to having a wonderful Jeevan Sathi.

This story has a happy ending Suzanne got me the poster with Hrithik's signature on it addressed to my kids.... I couldn't thank her enough and I could tell she was happy to do this for me .
I've brought it home and it's already framed........

I did get invited to the hotel they were staying at by a complete stranger to have dinner with the stars we went but all the actors stayed upstairs they didn't come down to join us it was very late like 130 am in the morning. The thought of coming back in the morning with my daughter did cross my mind, I didn't want them to miss school. 

But one day somewhere and somehow on this planet I will make every effort to have my kids meet him someday. If it doesn't not happen I feel so grateful and Lucky to have met
Suzanne.........God Bless them and all his fans all over this world..........
An encounter I and my family will not forget......

P.S. Sorry didn't mean to write such a long story.
Would like to read about similar encounters of other group members.