Hrithik on transit in Singapore!

Published On: 2012-04-22

Author: Jaspreet

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Sept 2002



Jaspreet gets a Birthday gift!

Hey u guys won't believe how lucky my cousin brother is he met Hrithik at the Singapore airport today!!!!! My cousin works there as immigration officer, he was just hanging out at the transit lounge when he looked into the cafe and saw a tall guy who looked really familiar. My cousin took a second look and noticed that it was Hrithik! My cousin then noticed that he was going towards the food court for a meal, my cousin took the chance to get a paper and a pen. My cousin waited for him to finish his meal then he approached him

My cousin: Can I have your autograph Mr. Roshan
Hrithik: Oh, ya sure no prob
My cousin: Thank You, Its a pleasure to meet you
Hrithik: Oh thank you
My Cousin: I have a cousin who's 17 and she is crazy about you and she is even in a Hrithik Roshan Fanclub (our club!!)
Hrithik: oh really that's nice, What's her name?
My Cousin: Oh her name is Jaspreet, n her birthday is in nine days 
Hrithik: (Signs me an autograph) oh wow that's on the 12th my dad's is on the 10th. Tell her I love her for being my fan and thanks for the support, and also tell her Happy Birthday in advance.
My Cousin: Yes I will, she'll be really excited. thanks once again, enjoy your flight
Hrithik: thanks, nice meeting you, see ya around

That was the conversation, I can't believe he said all that my cousin recorded it on his handphone and its true! Hey Shedi remember u asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I wanted Duggu, well I kind a got my birthday wish, I will be collecting my autograph soon from my cousin. I'm so excited He Loves Me!!!!!

'Loved by Duggu'