An Encounter in New Zealand Christchurch

Published On: 2012-04-27

Author: Rups Sharma

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Oct 2002

The lucky Dufan - Rups Sharma

Ok time for the details now! Well yesterday he was shooting for his movie named "Main Prem Ki..........." And he arrived sharp at 5:30pm. Kareena and Abhishek were already doing the shooting! He arrived in a "NISSAN PAJERO" and I was the first one to greet him and have my pic taken with him (Hrithik)! He is a down to earth guy! I was joking around with him and he was smiling and finally the moment came. I stood beside him and he gave me a hug and my dad took a pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I told him I was a really great fan of his! He smiled and patted me at the back! Then he went away for the shoot! Well no one went up to Kareena! She was acting like a stuck up! So no one here bothered! Hey Darky you know what even the guys were queuing up for Hrithik! They had pics taken with him and autographs! It was so cool! When Hrithik entered everyone was like "HERE IS THE HEART THROB" The main star! And Abhishek was ok! He is bit of a complainer and he is like really proud of himself! He is cute too. But Hrithik stole the show. I also had a pic taken with him. Abhishek was trying to grab everyone's attention by shouting and stuff! They were doing a basketball scene and Abhishek was calling out wherez the ball! And when someone finally gave him the ball he said there is not enough air in it! Can't blame him! He was telling the truth! Otherwise he is cool! He talked to his fans nicely! So fair enough! Well so much for now. If I go today to see the shooting I will keep ya guys informed!

Oh wait, you wanna hear what I said to him right? We talked about how I was crazy about him when I saw his first movie and how it was my dream come true to see him and have my pic taken with him!!! He was saying thanx over and over again! He is so kind! Then he was asking me about where I was from coz I do not know how to speak in Hindi! I was talking with him in English. He was wearing Nike Canvas and I was also wearing a Nike Canvas!!!!!! So I commented on that!!! And he laughed then it was time for his shoot and he left! So I left as well!

That's all my friend and yea I saw him yesterday (Tues) as well, but I did not chat as he was busy shooting for a song. He was wearing a red shirt, red tie, blue jeans, black shoes and he was getting out of his red car! (similar to Kaho Naa pyaar hai)! So there u have it! I am planning to meet him today as well. I will give the details tomorrow.
Till then Kaho naa Pyaar Hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!