Tamanna's Meeting with Hrithik

Published On: 2012-04-28

Author: Tamanna

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Jan 2002



Last year Jan 2002, we went to Mumbai. We tried to go find contacts to be able to meet Hrithik but didn't have any luck. I so…. wanted to meet him in person.
My dad took me to a photo studio and I got a picture done of myself and Hrithik (computer generated). I got that printed on a T-shirt and also a 6x8 photo.
One of my mom's cousin worked for an ad agency that had a contract for Hrithik so she told me that she could get an autograph for me. I left the 6x8 picture with her and a few months later my grandma brought it with a personalized autograph from Hrithik. I have it framed. J

Mulakaat 1 - LAX (Heartthrobs concert)

Tons of Indians waiting at this one baggage claim area at LAX Airport at 7:15 AM (or so). We walked in hoping this is where they are coming! I was wearing my fav. T-shirt (with Hrithik on it) and a necklace made of beads that said "I "heart" Hrithik". I waited for them to come down the escalator patiently, getting the camera ready for a shot. Then I saw Hrithik and Suzanne. They lit up the whole escalator, and woke up the crowd, everyone began to scream. Then when they got off the escalator, all these fans were running to Hrithik. Everyone was rushing to shake his hands. There was so much security and they were trying to just move the stars out. I was too shy to go up to them and also the crowd was crazy. Then Suzanne pointed at my shirt and said something to him. I stood stunned in shock as he came up to me. I didn't know what to do. He lifted my hand and shook it. I didn't want anyone to touch my hand after that! I was shaking in excitement! What a moment! A memory I will cherish forever. J

Mulakaat 2 - Westin Hotel

About an hour before the show, we were passing by a hotel where we saw limousines parked outside, we stopped because we thought that this is probably where they were staying. We got out of the car walked to the hotel and tons of fans were there. They put up a barrier for them to stay behind. When the other stars came out people just stood there. I was ready with my autograph book and pen, when my dad told me to make sure my pen worked and I didn't check but I switched it with his. Then Hrithik came out and everyone started shouting. The organizers didn't want him to shake hands or sign autographs. Again I stood in shock and did nothing, and then he walked up to where I was standing behind the barrier and I went and put the book in front of him. With the amount of people on him he could barely hear me. So he started signing it, and the pen ran out of ink. He said "Oh shit!" It was quite funny. But I already had a paragraph autograph of his, so I gave it to another girl that really wanted it. But all you could see was the front of the 'rith' and then the 'ik' was just the push inside the paper. Some people threw down the barriers, some security people were okay with it, others tried pulling people away. But it was very nice meeting him again. J Even though the organizers didn't want him to wait he shook peoples hands and even posed for pictures with little kids (way shorter than me).

Mulakaat 3 - JW Marriott

On Hrithik's b'day - his Rajesh chacha told us that Hrithik was celebrating his b'day at the Marriot so we went there. My parents wanted to eat at Holiday Inn but my brother insisted on eating at the Marriot as he said it felt like home (US). I was eating Ice Cream and my dad went up to the entrance to wait and see people. When Hrithik came out my dad came to the end of the stairs to call me and I ran up with my stuff. The Marriot has a grand entrance with steps in an oval shape leading down to the café. Hrithik was with a group of people. I followed Hrithik down the stairs - about 5 or 6 steps behind him. Then he stopped. I was going to go ask him to take a picture but the security didn't want us to and also I didn't want to disturb him. I didn't think it was right to bother him on his b'day and I decided not to follow him. But seeing him in his hometown, was a great experience for me, specially on his b'day and another one that I will never forget! J