"What does Yuva, Lakshya and Dev have in common?"

Published On: 2012-03-20

Author: P (Anewface Member)

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All three has been trashed by a section of reviewers, ignoring their finer points. 

All three have a lot of layers, which depict 3 different threads of modern society. 

All three might have flaws and may not be as entertaining as a comedy, an escapist-fare, or a candyfloss film, but these 3 films show different paths which also can be chosen by the youth, among many others to choose from. 

Lakshya, I have not watched it as yet, but going by its synopsis and a couple of reader reviews, its about an aimless youth who has to decide on his aim which path to choose from the vast pool of professions modern day provides. Karan (Lakshya) unlike his peers who dream of going to the US (Dollar is green!), joins a profession, Army which according to a report is short of cadets and officers. 

Yuva, though its in an episodic narrative format (which at times bore), but again Ratnam proves he is in a class of his own. Here again, he shows the dilemma of 3 youths, the pressure they face from society, pre-conceived notions and parental aspirations, and how they decide and choose their own path. 3 different facets of a section of youth today. Its final reels are a revelation. Michael (Yuva), again unlike his peers, refuses a golden opportunity to research under a noble laureate, mobilizes the youth force to become modern day politicians. The final shot have these GenX politicians not in their traditional age-old khadi-kurta and "angavastram", but in jeans. So, the Babalogs have arrived in full force to the state assembly. 

Dev, is about a misguided youth and layered communal politics and lawlessness(among others!), this again shows another path to the youth. Farhan (Dev), unlike his peers, who was going to be misguided by political communal forces and waste his life, uses his degree in law to become a Lawyer/Advocate and joins the mainstream society, there is hope that he may one-day become a Supreme court judge and pass many critical judgments(?). We have an aging Dev who shows a path to Farhan. Hailing the constitution! We have a Civilain Law enforcer (Dev), Law Maker(Political Leader Michael), Military Personnel (Army man Karan), and a judge who sees that justice is done (Justice Farhan). 

This might be the story of many Dev’s, who might be Yuva’s (youth) and are still finding their Lakshya(aim)!