Legend in a Making

Published On: 2012-05-09

Author: Aneeqa

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Sitting alone outside university cafeteria on an early beautiful September morning , my mind wanders off to the only man in the life of millions of girls; Hrithik Roshan. So I decided to pen down my views on this superstar… 


Indian cinema has always produced many heroes; some famous for their looks while other for superb acting, some will be remembered for their comedy while others for their outstanding performances in serious cinema. But few actors have proved to be legends in its truest meaning. They enriched the Indian cinema with their selective and historical characters. They did what others thought was impossible! And one of such legends, according to me, is Hrithik Roshan. 


He is an actor famous for not only his looks but also for his selection of characters. He has grown tremendously as an actor from his debutant movie. He has played a variety of characters; from a simple poor lover to a rich sweetheart, from an ignorant misguided boy to a sexy villain, from a brother uniting his family to an emperor, from an abnormal boy to a superhero. And the list continues with his upcoming movies. 


Hrithik Roshan loves perfection and hard work. He not only pushes himself to the limits but also pursues his fellow actors to struggle as well and hence not only perfects his only movie but increases the standard of Indian cinema as whole. His affection for faultlessness is so great that even though he is an astounding dancer he rehearses the most! 


This incredible artist can be credited to changing the history of Indian cinema. He was the first actor to invite and entertain an alien and he was also the first superhero of the Indian cinema. These bold and courageous steps required a great deal of sacrifice and risks which our hero was brave enough to take. 


These qualities take an actor to the heights of stardom but do NOT make him a legend. A legend is not only true to his work but makes a difference in a society. His persona is such that it changes the world around him in a better way. Being a legend is a responsibility to improve the humanity both knowingly and unknowingly. And Hrithik Roshan has not only the potential but also the elements of a legend. 


Hrithik is an honest law abiding citizen who looks at the good side of every human, even those who might harm the mankind. To him even they have a reason and are not doing evil on their own will. He has unknowingly taught his fans the beauty of patience and art of dealing with irrational individuals. 


He is an artist who has showered tremendous love to his family and has been there for them in every hour of need. He has shared his happiness and his sorrows with them and has put them first before his any commitment. Whether it was the attack on his father or the birth of his children, his sister diagnosed of cancer or his marriage, he shared every chapter of his life with his family. His family supported him when he faced all kinds of scandals the way he supported them. He is a perfect son, husband, brother and father. He taught his fans the art of dealing with painful past, the idea of forgiving and gave the strength for being hopeful. He dealt with his past by dreaming and hoping for a better future and then made his dreams come true. 


He taught us to dream and the fact that dreams can come true if the energies are used in the right direction. He preached to us in his own way that life is beautiful and it should be treasured. The world is a beautiful place and also the people who live in it. And if they make our lives miserable they have a reason behind it and they should be forgiven for their mistakes. 


Hrithik Roshan has always known and accepted the fact that fame and success is not forever and has always been a humble, down to earth gentleman. He has firmly rooted his feet to the ground and millions of people admire him for this nature. He is an actor everyone can relate to and this makes him not only an admirable person but also and idol for many. 


He is a near to perfect (as no one is perfect) human and actor and hence is a legend or more like it, a legend in a making as he still has a long way to go….