Published On: 2012-05-10

Author: Aneeqa

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14th January 2000, it was the day when many people on this side of the world were looking for a ray of hope, while others were just simply bored of life. The life was still monotonous with no new entertainment to cheer the environment. Perhaps even the air itself was very gloomy while the sky was simply weary of the tedious routine. And yet something happened that day which changed everything…forever. After that day nothing was the same for anyone. That day brought a huge wave of revolution. 


Okay so it wasn’t exactly that but it was more or less true…at least for me and many people like me. For “us” it was bright ray of hope; a hope for change in the cinema we religiously watched and worshipped and preferred than any other. Yes, it was the historical day when “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” released. Well let’s admit it; the storyline was more or less the same. Nothing new didn’t come for at least another 6 years (or was it 5). And yet something a happened, a miracle perhaps, for after that day or after those three hours to be more precise nothing remained the same… the process of revolution had begun. 


The storyline was simple and yet some charisma made a simple looking guy into an “overnight” superstar. The movie was presented in the simplest of manner, the director Mr. Rakesh Roshan wasn’t exactly very well known (at least I had no idea who he was and had never seen his movies before) and the major cast consisted of inexperienced never seen before actors. So how did this actor become famous in those three hours? What happened within that theater hall that made the ordinary guy a threat to the “King of the Industry” or more like it the reason to the downfall of the “King”? 


By now many of my reader have understood who this ordinary simply inexperienced threat is… of course the one and only “Hrithik Roshan”. This name, once unknown, became the man of the day, year and millennium. Many actors came before him and after him but he is, was and perhaps remain the only actor to touch the hearts of millions of children youth and adults with his first movie. 


As I said earlier, for “us” he was a revolutionist in many aspects. Before him many Indian cinema viewers preferred watching the films of the “King Khan”. But this “revolutionist” won the hearts of millions of girls all over. He proved that he can also make us fall in love; make us cry and laugh with him and do much more than “King Khan”. He ascertained this fact with just one movie while it took the King almost half his life. 


A few of “us” also preferred the “Shirtless Khan”. Hrithik Roshan left him behind as well. He was not only well built and handsome like the “Shirtless Khan” he was also tall. And lets acknowledge the fact that girls prefer to fall in love with a young green-eyed guy of almost 24 years old than a then 38 year old man who was also famous for violence. Unlike many actors, he honored his long time commitment which was respected by all those who loved him for bringing in the change. 


His dance moves were appreciated by many males out there. To many he became a “God of Dance”. Looking back, good dancing moves were introduced by our “revolutionist”. In fact he was the one who made dancing look so beautiful graceful and entertaining in men. Before this men hardly danced! And now almost everyone wants to be known as the best dancer. Many of the boys out there adore him for his brilliant dance moves. For them he is their “Dance Guru”. 


He also conquered the action lover audience. His first movie wasn’t exactly a full fledge action oriented film but yet the fight was pretty much enjoyable and kept the audience glued to the silver screen till the very end. 


His acting was exceptionally well for a newcomer. When portrayed his characters remarkably competent. A double role is a strenuous job and yet the characters were gave no impression of same person. Rohit and Raj were and will always remain two different persons for us all. 


So it was his looks, acting, dancing, action, character portraying and lots more that won millions of hearts all over. For some of us a miracle happened that day and its still working. That day, that moment a revolution had begun which took the Indian film industry to heights no one imagined or dared to imagine. This revolutionist brought with him hope for change and as the time passed he did revolutionized this industry and a decade is not even completed yet…!!!!