Fanbook 08: Our Wishlist

Published On: 2012-05-12

Author: unknown

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It is believed ‘a picture is the expression of an impression… if beauty is not present in one, how would people ever recognize it?’ Yes, your internal splendor is what shines through in your photos. We have experienced the memoirs of your vision in the flow of shots. The most distinctive features that make us gaze into your snap are your chiseled structures, razor-sharp nose, perfect abs, flawless skin and the most precious of all, those vulnerable eyes. When viewing them, we travel down memory lane and soon find ourselves in “HrithikHeaven”… it almost makes us believe that we can feel you! Over the years, your contact with the lens under the hands of different photographers capturing your various moods through diverse concepts has provided us sheer bliss. However, there remain some captivating moments yet to be depicted as mentioned below: 


• A visual treat which ranks very high on our wish list is a family portrait with Sussanne, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. We understand you are a very private individual and do not wish to draw unnecessary attention to your family and totally appreciate these values. However, at the same time, we will be very grateful to see a family shoot sometime in the future. *Fingers Crossed* 



We simply cannot stop re-iterating how much we yearn to see your live performances. Particularly, for fans living in countries like Dubai, Singapore and Australia where you have not toured earlier, it is a dream we are still hoping for it to come true one fine day!! 



Ask any one of us “what’s our favorite thing to do” and “we’ll say watching your films”. With each new film and character, we find more reasons to proudly say ‘Hrithik Roshan Is My Favorite Actor’. Of course being the pro-active FANS that we are, we constantly discuss what roles we would like to see you in future, of which a few special roles are mentioned below: 


• Besides Mr. A (who was just on the wrong side of the law), we have never seen you in a complete vindictive avatar. We would love to see you in a truly evil role –dark wicked character which would be a challenge for you as an artist as well. Also, along the villainous theme, perhaps a sophisticated mastermind of the underworld. The role of a hit man or an assassinator has not yet been showcased in Indian cinema. If merged with the right script and the right circumstances, whether fictional or historical in context, it can be a defining role in your career. 

• Your outstanding ability as an actor is of course why many of us are your fans. Our next suggestion is something we sense would challenge you as a performer - the psycho-thriller genre, playing a role of a man with multiple personalities. Having already seen you in a myriad of characters ranging from KMG’s Rohit to Lakshya’s Karan Shergill to Mr A. and Akbar, it is needless to say when conglomerated into the one film, and the effect would be incredible to say the least!! 

• They say that comedy many times is a much harder genre and we believe that you would do brilliant in an out and out comedy film. Your energy level and acting aptitude would make this a fine film and since it is not something you have done before, we know audiences would be eager to see you in this avatar. 

• Your male fans are waiting to see you in the role of a sportsman. Since Bollywood has already made movies centering on Cricket, Hockey and Soccer, the next sport to experiment may be Tennis or Athletics. Sports are a significant aspect of almost everyone’s lives today, and to be able to identify our favorite actor in the role of a sportsman will be highly enthralling for many of us. Also, many of your younger fans tend to follow what you present on-screen; hence, depicting the role of a sportsperson may inspire some of them to engage in some sort of sports activity, which is ultimately beneficial for them. 


Lastly, just a crisp idea for something you should look for when choosing your next roles. You are the best actor in Bollywood and we do not say so because we are your die-hard fans rather stating it as filmbuffs. We know, any role given to you will be portrayed with utmost skill. We prefer to see you take on a dramatic, sink your teeth into role, something that encompasses many emotions and situations, taking you on a journey never experienced. To fully utilize your amazing composition of talent, this is something we would adore to see you in. The script would have to be an exception and we know you would be outstanding in your part. 


We understand that it is not in the hands of an actor to decide the role since it is predetermined by the filmmaker and the script, but we hope that your future projects allow you to outline the roles in accordance to your preference. We know that you do not hesitate in considering roles diverse from the norms, hence, do spread your wings, as they will ultimately allow you to fly farther and higher. 


We look forward to many hours of enjoyment and trust that if you are in a film, it will definitely be a worthwhile watch!!