Fanbook 08: Hrithik-An Inspiration

Published On: 2012-05-13

Author: unknown

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As we have mentioned several times before, you are an inspiration to us fans in various ways. Most of us look up to examples set by you in our times of despair, the situations varying from minor to major life changing occurrences and we just can't thank you enough for showing us the light and for being such a great inspiration in our lives. In this section, our members have penned a few touching stories on how Hrithik Roshan’s presence has brought about some life-defining moments and in some cases, redefined their lives forever!! 


Hello there,

I would never have believed how a complete stranger can change one’s life without even a single meeting but you have in a way that I would never have believed if it hadn’t happened to me. 

Four years ago, my life hit the rocks - my father passed away, my mum in law passed away, my second pregnancy alienated me from my husband and when he was posted out of the country for a year, I moved to my parents house.

I was already depressed and then my sister in law moved out as she didn’t want to live as an extended family. To get her back, I decided to move out rather than create problems. I was all alone with two kids and on the verge of being homeless as my roof was being taken from over my head. I was on the verge of desperation and thought of seriously giving it all up- life was too hard, a real struggle! 

I had surfed the net before and had found 'dhoom again' and loved that song a lot. When I surfed again for more information on this sexy green-eyed Greek God, Hrithik Roshan, I found the 'HrithikRules' site and started reading. 

On that lonely night, I had the HrithikRules forum for company. I started reading the vast number of interviews that you had given over the years - your philosophies were a breath of fresh air, your values and your outlook on life opened my eyes and guided me. I saw all your pictures and watched the interview you gave with Sussanne for Simi Garewal. I was drawn to the honesty, innocence and purity you have - your dignity, vulnerability and the way you overcame all your problems to stand up. I was hooked and after watching that interview- I vowed to make a go of it with my husband. I loved the dedication, love and affection you two have for each other and despite your immense acting abilities, if you were not the man you are, I would not respect you as I do. I love you for being the family man you are in the midst of the promiscuous world of showbiz - a real man in the middle of all the fake glitz, glamour and attention grabbing. 

I was an angry, bitter, depressed woman - the oldest 28 year old ever. Now I am by far the youngest. I lived that year with grace and courage and now am back in a lovely relationship with my husband. I have made many friends on the forum because of you - you have given me back my lost youth and I will be forever grateful to you for your words - of course, the fact that you are drop dead gorgeous also helps!! 

Please, please never change - you have given me so much without knowing it just by being honest. Your good looks come from within and it is this beauty which I admire most. You give agonising waits between films but I wait to see you and only you onscreen because you have literally given me my life back!! 


Thank You 




I wish to mention a few lines about my family. I am married and have 2 children, a daughter -eldest and my son is the youngest. My son is a syndrome kid from childhood. Whenever I watch Koi Mil Gaya - I gather my strength and pray to God that let my son be blessed and transform into a brilliant guy like Rohit in KMG. 

Like you, I believe in miracles and I believe in dreams. Your approach has given me the perseverance to hang on. 

Please do pray for my kid to win in this battle and be a loveable human being like you. I want him to overcome this dilemma and follow your trail as an obedient son, affectionate brother, ideal husband, adorable father and above all the best human being!! 




Something really cute happened yesterday and I would like to share it. 

I was visiting one of my husband's junior's wife who had a baby boy. He was born with an extra finger next to his small finger. Pakistan is still a bit backward with stuff like this but she showed me his hand herself and said "I am not going to have it cut off - he will be lucky. After all, Hrithik Roshan also has six fingers!!" 

That made me so Proud!! Hrithik, your action has helped changed the mindset of so many, just by being true to yourself and what God has given you. Not just your obstacles against your health but also your acceptance of this small eccentric have made people braver and opened their eyes - I witnessed that myself yesterday.

I grew up in a repressive and orthodox Jain family. I always thought that one day I will be married off to a guy whom my parents consider is right for me. Then cupid shot his arrow at me, and I was in love with a boy and that too one who belongs to a Muslim community. 

I was seriously never bothered, however when my parents started pressurizing me for marriage, I thought now things should better advance forward. 

But my worries rose …."What should I speak to my family?? He is a Muslim!!" For days, I just couldn't utter in fear. 

Then one fine day, while I was watching the episode of Hrithik & Sussanne in Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, I finally mustered up the courage to open up. Sussanne and Hrithik, a Muslim and a Hindu respectively, have been married now close to eight years, and had a wonderful courtship prior to the marriage. They now are parents to two kids. So despite of having such huge cultural differences, they can live harmoniously, why not us? 

I told my parents, and finally after a World War 3, they gave me the green signal. 

Today, I want to thank Hrithik for being my pen pusher in life. Without him, I would have probably landed at sea. You are a wonderful person Hrithik, fantastic actor, and most importantly, you mean the world to me! I owe you a lot including my husband and my kids!! 




I've been Bedridden since mid-December after I suffered a slipped disc while playing squash. I am completely out of action. Although now, I am able to walk slowly, it will take me about a year to completely get in form. But there was something within my spirit that just didn't allow me to break up and that voice was of Hrithik. I know it does sound a bit peculiar but no harm considering actors as your stimulation, that too someone great like Hrithik who is a youth icon. I know something for sure: If after scoliosis and ruptured disc problems, Hrithik could dance again, I will also be able to play squash and lead a normal life again.




Life was a play for me. Never before have I cared about future seriously. I was not concerned about environs and most importantly was afraid to battle against challenge. My mentality changed once I came across the film "Lakshya". The character Karan Shergill made me realize that I was wasting my potential as a human being. This time the fear to fall back didn't strike me. My eyes were lit up from dusk and my willpower to accomplish victory became my objective. 


I chased my goals with full passion and sincerity and today, I am a successful holder of a production firm. The sense of confidence makes me so happy that it just can't be expressed in words. All this happened because of your contribution. 


I just can't Thank You enough for setting such great examples and converting them into big achievements. You truly are "A Real Super Hero"! I've achieved my goal today from your motivation and I pray to God from the bottom of my heart that you receive all the happiness in this world!!