Fanbook 08: Gazing into the crystal ball

Published On: 2012-05-14

Author: unknown

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At times, it is harder to find a male co-star that one can really play off in a movie than it is to find a female co-star to romance with. Hence, we are putting forward certain actors whom we would love to see you work with in future: 


Aamir Khan: Our first choice is the Supreme Khan and many are praying that one fine day, we will get to see both of you together. The two of you are such remarkable actors and to see both of you feed off each other in a dramatic scene will surely go down as a classic. The script would have to be one that does complete justice to your talents, encompassing both your incredible ranges and pushing to your ultimate potential. There is no doubt that this dynamic combo on film would certainly be a Super-Success! 


Imran Khan: The youngest and most promising star making his mark in Bollywood has only two films under his belt. Like you, he has a natural screen presence and is an abundance of talent. Moreover, with him being an ardent admirer of yours, we hope it will invoke an even more powerful performance and perhaps a wonderful emotional bonding on screen. 


Kunal Kapoor: He lights up the screen whenever he is in the frame. Film after film, this actor has proved his prowess. Seeing the two of you compete for the same girl or maybe a con film like The Sting ALA Robert Redford and Paul Newman would be great. 


Shahid Kapoor: A seriously underrated actor who is finally getting his dues. With every performance, he is growing by leaps and bounds. The two of you dancing together is sure to burn the dance floor!! 


Farhan Akhtar: He proved his acting chops in his debut film Rock On!! His singing credentials only further enhanced his repertoire while impressing one and all. Perhaps, it would be interesting to see both of you in a diverse genre or maybe, a comedy… an adversarial story!! Well, we’ll let the experts decide on that but we would definitely be super excited to catch the two of you on screen together!! And we trust your friendship will add more magic to the product. So there you have it, a wish list of those actors your loving fans think would make a great co-star for you be it as friend or foe! Being such die-hard fans, we will strongly support your female co-stars in upcoming films as well. Meanwhile; there are a large number of actresses in the industry with whom you have never been paired with in your movies till date. After conducting a poll amongst our members, we have shortlisted a few whom we think would make an awesome on-screen duo with you. 


Konkona Sen Sharma: A powerhouse of an actress to compliment a powerhouse of an actor. The two of you could do something really special and spectacular. She could hold her own in a film with you and perhaps a classic story would be beautiful… something that is deep and runs the gamut of emotions that both of you play so well leaving the spectators Spell-bounded! 


Bipasha Basu: Sizzling is the only way to describe this actress and she has the acting chops to back her sultry looks. She got rave reviews for her performance in Corporate and has been singled out for her wonderful portrayal of Radhika in Bachna Ae Hasseno. She is a fine actress and her potential shows with each new film. It would be interesting to see both of you in a film, as perhaps two business people out for the same contract and falling in love whilst on this journey. To say your chemistry would be scorching is an understatement. 


Genelia D’souza: A firecracker of an actress. Many leading ladies would have gone overboard playing the role of 'Meow' in Jaane Tu... But she pulled it off perfectly!! She is a bundle of energy and spontaneity and it would be wonderful to see the two of you sparking off each other. 


Sonam Kapoor: Her beauty is undeniable and she possesses decent acting talent. Both of you will make a refreshing jodi and the camera will have trouble photographing the light glowing up. 


Katrina Kaif: A stunning beauty beginning to unfold her talents…With your perfect bodies and gorgeous looks, audiences will be mesmerized. A dream couple to drool over!