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Published On: 2012-05-15

Author: unknown

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It is always gratifying for fans to see their favorite actor’s career graph moving on a steady pace upwards. In our case, as your fans, we fall under the category of those who have experienced the sense of gratification time and again. This, of course, is on accounts of the successful run of your recent films at the Box Office. 


Some of us are concerned, conversely, that if there are too many stretched interludes, the rise in the career graph will have scattered lines, instead of a straight line. Over the previous months, there have been debates between fans within the forum of over the breaks that you have taken after Lakshya & Dhoom: 2.The two opposing arguments were broken down into the following groups: 


a) They are against any lengthy (over 6 months) break between each project, as they want you to maintain a frequency in terms of releases. 


b) They are in favor of any decision undertaken by you, with the anticipation that you will not let them down. 


Below are some snippets from the conversations at the forum: 


Supporting a) “I think this is the ideal time for Hrithik to sign more movies, he has an edge over the Khans, in terms of both age and talent. When he does reach his 40s, he will discover that he cannot do a lot of roles because they require younger actors which will abscond from his couch. I was hoping somehow the Adlabs /Eros-Carving project would get pushed up before Kites so Hrithik could do those before since giving precedence to his home production would require a considerable amount of time as he will be involved with the scripting and casting which is understandable. However, it does leave us fans waiting yet again.” 


Supporting b) “My basic point was that being a fan just doesn't mean liking and praising what he had done but also to understand him. We have to identify with him. Also, we must try to perceive things from different viewpoints and more importantly from Hrithik’s perspective. Every individual has different likes/dislikes and dissimilar understandings of diverse things. Everyone has right to like/dislike a thing but it doesn't mean that if something doesn't happen like the way we want it to, then it is not right. Hrithik cannot satisfy everybody every time. What he can best do is do stuffs, which satisfy him. And I believe that self-satisfaction is most important. Above all, we don’t tend to care much about what Hrithik's detractors have to say for him.” 


If analyzed closely both are actually in favor of your professional approach – not against you or inanely critical of you by any means. 


You have depicted every role in each movie with dexterity and conviction. As a result, you are one of the few actors to be able to magnetize audiences based solely on your name. Filmmakers distinguishes this connection, and do not think twice before selecting you for their projects. If you start to slow down your engine at this point, the competing actors will seize the opportunity to work on their scoreboard and overshadow whatever standing you may have acquired before taking the break. You are better knowledgeable than we are of the fact that competition within the Bollywood industry is ruthless. You said, “you believe in healthy competition” but if you are absent on long-terms then the scenario is misused as your invisibility will turn out to be another’s advantage much like one single player giving goals in an empty field. 


Some remarks from the "opposition group" did come across as tactless, but that is solely because your fans are thinking ahead for your career to see you reach at extreme level because you have the aptitude entirely. So they sense that the repeated breaks are not good decisions. The philosophy is that, you are still a relatively new and growing actor. You should not be taking breaks between films, and having occasional releases in every two years. At the moment, you should be focusing on creating visibilities on the screen, and as a result focus on cementing your position as the TOP ATTRACTION at the Box Office. Coming out with Krrish or Dhoom: 2, after two years was fine. But this method will not be advantageous further as all the other competing actors are heavily flooding the market with their movies so the importance of your outcome should increase now as it’s extremely vital to participate in contest with others and prove true strength. 


Many see your approach towards signing only projects that enliven you, as a tracing of the path carved by Aamir Khan. However you have to be cognizant that Aamir Khan has embarked on the trail of committing to certain projects course recently. Aamir Khan is at the age of 42 and he has already completed over 50 movies in his earlier years, of his 15 year career span in the industry. In your age, Aamir had at least 2 releases every year. Those movies may not have been the best quality, but he was still an active and consistent performer. Quality cinema can be achieved without having to take repeated gaps. An actor cannot always look out for a golden script to pop out at him, but rather take a decent script and depict a golden performance out of it. You showed that with Dhoom 2, and should not be fearful of doing it again. The performance can be rated as one of the best of your career, but the script lacked in a mature “cops and robbers” scenario and development. 


One more thing that seems to be unacceptable for fans is that they feel you are taking the "over-cautious" approach too far. Your fans are young and they have less patience. They can easily lose enthusiasm and might get dejected with not seeing their favorite actor perform on screen as often due to the regular gaps between each release. One blockbuster after every other year will not have an infinite influence; it will quickly be eclipsed by the next big movie of a different actor. 


Unlike cinema from the Southern portion of the country, where there is only one reigning Superstar – Rajnikanth, Bollywood operates quite differently. In Bollywood, the superstar tag is very flexible and belongs to actors of different generations such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan in the same period. If we look back to June last year, during the release of Rajnikanth's last movie, Sivaji, no other filmmaker or production house dared to release their movie weeks prior and post its release. Such is his clout. In Bollywood, however, the superstar scenario is quite different. Movies are constantly being released one after the other, and no one is given special consideration. Hence, the importance of being in the limelight is doubly important in Bollywood. Perhaps afterwards, firmly establishing your traction as a cemented superstar, then, you can afford to put your feet up and cut down on assignments later at the age of forty-five or fifty. 


We do not know if it was because of dates, but you had rejected scripts like Yuva- Mani Ratnam’s, Rang De Basanti- Rakesh Mehra’s, and probably Dilli 6- Rakesh Mehra’s/Three Idiots- Rajkumar Hirani’s. These movies could have been defining roles in your career. We are sure that you have valid reasons for opting out, if not for dates then maybe for not being able to identify with the characters – but an actor needs to expand his comfort zones and become flexible for roles that comes his way. 


Anyways, as now you are currently active with the shoot for Kites and we would like to wish you all the best for this project. Again, we cannot help but emphasize what a brilliant actor you are, and you should not put your skill on “sleep mode” at this young age. Preparation for one role should not interfere with signing another project. Have at least 2 movies a year at least for the sake of your fans. It’s an earnest appeal from your die-hard devotees and we plead you to fulfill our claim. Hopefully, like always you won’t disappoint us and our plea will be granted. 


We pray from the bottom of our heart that Almighty showers you with all the Happiness & Success in life! 


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